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STIHL Blowers & Vacuum Shredders

Hand-held tools have to be well balanced and the power-to-weight ratio is a vital factor. It is safe to say that this is a high priority at Stihl when a product is in development. These Blowers & Vacuum Shredders are all made for comfortable use, with no compromise on power. From the cordless version to the hand held petrol models or the big backpack boys they are all built for last and are a good long term investment if you need one that will last and last. MowDirect can offer good deals on all these machines. Take a look.

STIHL Petrol Hand Held Blowers

STIHL Electric Hand Held Blowers

STIHL Petrol Backpack Blowers

STIHL Petrol Vacuum Shredders

STIHL Electric Vacuum Shredders

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