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Einhell GC-PM 47 SHW 5-in-1 Hi-Wheel Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower

Product Review (submitted on 2 August 2017):
Having recently moved house and having spent hours looking at different makes and models for my first petrol lawnmower, I finally went for the Einhell based mostly on the reviews here and the apparent good value and low price for a larger multi-function mower. The wider cut, large collection box and the mulching feature were what I decided I should go for in my budget.

I ordered at lunchtime on a Friday and the delivery man struggled down the driveway with the box late on Saturday afternoon. Excellent service!

Having waited until the weather improved I assembled the mower in about 15 minutes without any issues, although I echo the other reviews in that the poorly laid out instruction manual doesn't help matters(-1*) so I took more time than I really needed, but ultimately you only need to connect the handle and give everything else a once over. I added the petrol and the oil provided, primed 3 times as instructed and it fired first time.

It is quite heavy to use in tight spaces but when self-propelled it's great and a nice leisurely pace so no risk of it taking off abruptly! The cut seems very good (started on high setting and then lowered later) and the large collection box means very few trips to the bin, although it's a little awkward to refit the box until you have the knack. Each time I stopped to empty, the mower started up again on the first or second pull when I returned. The motor is very quiet compared to my Dad's Mountfield and the build quality seems very good.

Overall I'm glad I took the plunge and there now seems little point in considering paying similar money for a mower with fewer features or poorer build quality.

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