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Mountfield Princess 38Li Cordless 4-Wheel Rear-Roller Lawnmower

Product Review (submitted on 9 July 2017):
This was the first battery powered mower I had purchased and used. Having read previous reviews saying it was difficult to put together, I didn't find it too difficult at all. A little force was needed to put the grass box together but in general it was straight forward.

One thing I did find was that the grey plastic bolt-clips used on the sides to connect the handles together were an issue. When I was mowing the border up close to my fence, they protruded past the wheel line and therefore rubbed up against the fence before the edge of the mower touched the fence, so I took the bolt-clips off and put them on the inside instead and this solved that issue.

The mower itself is fairly lightweight and easy to manoeuvre which the elderly will find beneficial. The batteries - I have a good sized rear lawn and found that if I was only taking a light skimming off the lawn then it would use 1 full battery and then 3 of the 4 lights off the second battery, so that was fine.

However, if the lawn is a touch longer and you want it to work a little harder, then this might be an issue. The mower makes a different sound, like a 'little turbo' has to kick in to help it and I found this reduced the battery life significantly. I would only get a third of the garden done on one battery and then when I was to plug it in to recharge it the battery was fairly warm and the solid red light would come up to say the battery was too hot and I had to wait a while for it to cool down before it could charge. So by the time i had then finished using the second battery and still hadnt finished the lawn i had to wait a while for the batteries to charge up before I could finish the lawn. (Normally i found the battery would take 30-40 minutes to fully charge).

Overall, the mower itself is a good little machine and it also puts a nice striped finish on the lawn too.

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