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Einhell LE-PM 51S HWT Comfort-Turn Lawnmower

Product Review (submitted on 10 June 2017):
Delivery was first class, arriving the day after the order was placed. I did find the assembly was explained OK but its not a one man job and, be warned, you need to read the packing list and find all the parts before you start, as some are hidden inside the cutting area!!

So once assembled I filled with oil and petrol and tried to start... I found I couldn't even pull the start cord an inch, it felt like the engine was jammed. Went back and read the manual and found you have to hold the start lever and only then can you pull the start cord. It should also be noted that when you let go of the start lever the engine stops dead (safety feature).

So. My first cut. My garden is odd shaped and there are many trees to work around. The mower excelled at this compared to my old one, with there being only one wheel on the front you can cut in circles and in fact I have now started this a as feature cutting stripes around each tree.

So far very happy but only one cut before the rains have come. I will come back later after my next usage.

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