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Mountfield SP555V Variable-Speed 3-in-1 Petrol Lawnmower (Honda Engine)

Product Review (submitted on 24 January 2017):
As a professional contractor I have used many different makes and models of self-propelled lawnmowers over the years.

I purchased a Mountfield SP555v at the beginning of 2016 as I wanted to see how it compared to the other ‘top of the range’ Honda mowers I previously used. I also wanted to see whether it could stand up to the massive amount of use I put the mowers through on a daily basis.

I can honestly say buying the Mountfield SP555v was the best decision I have ever made for my business; not only is it powerful but it is incredibly robust and economical.

The Twin Clip blade really makes a massive difference to the cut, whether dry or wet, it is perfect every time with just one pass over the lawn. The vacuum effect this blade creates when it’s cutting is just incredible, I can say with all honesty, I have never had a mower that collects the grass so well. It comes with a large 70ltr grass collection box and boy don’t you need it because it really does pack the bag full!

As a rule I am not normally a fan of mulching grass, as all of the self-propelled mowers I have previously used either bung up or leave a line of half chopped grass behind. However, this mower does not do this because the twin clip blade cuts the grass multiple times and the 190cc Honda engine really makes a big difference with this because it does not struggle when mulching up the grass.

I am 6ft 6” tall and the handle in its highest setting is perfect for me which means I no longer get a bad back from slumping over all day.

This mower has a quick release grass box which makes emptying the grass an effortless task. You can connect and release the grass box with just 1 hand and this really does save a lot of time if you have a large lawn.

The variable speed control on this model is very effective and easy to use when manoeuvring in and around obstacles or just adjusting it to your own walking speed.

One thing I really like is this mower comes with an anti-vibe system which means you get almost no vibrations up through the handles. If you have a large lawn or you’re a contractor like me then you really notice the difference at the end of the day when your hands aren’t numb from the vibrations.

There are so many great features with this mower that I could literally be here all day. I have never owned such a robust, reliable mower and it is a world away from all the previous mowers I have owned before.

If you are a contractor or just somebody that owns a large lawn, I would truly recommend this mower for you - you won’t be disappointed!

I will be purchasing more of these for my business this year!

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