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Mountfield SP454 Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower (Exclusive Special Offer)

Product Review (submitted on 1 December 2015):
Having moved on from the London postage stamp garden, Flymo job to a first time petrol mower, there was some apprehension about having no idea what I was doing.

But not only is the mower easy to put together (although the manufacturer's instructions could be better in places a moment of thought will get you there) but MowDirect's customer service excellently handled my 'mowers for dummies' question when I eventually got stuck - and without making me feel like the idiot I knew I was being.

As for the mower itself, it looks great, is very easy to use and two mows in I couldn't be happier with the results and ease of use. This despite taking on a lawn that had been unattended for the summer and autumn, a couple of cuts at different blade height gave it no trouble at all just in the nick of time for winter.

I can't comment for experts looking for an opinion but a great mower for beginners/amateurs with a medium sized lawn.

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