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Oleo-Mac G53-PK Petrol Push Lawn Mower (Special Offer)

Product Review (submitted on 11 May 2015):
The machine is easy to assemble. The trickiest bit being the grass box which snaps together before being secured with screws. It's heavier than my old machine, but is still easy to push, and it appears to cut well.

The only minor downside is how the grassbox is attached. The box on my old machine hooked onto two "lumps" on the back of the body, so with one hand you can lift the flap and with the other you just drop it into position. This machine has two hooks on the collector, and these hook onto a bar at the back that the flap hinges on. However, the spacing between these is a bit "tight", and you have to hook one side on first and "stretch" the box slightly to get the other side on. This has to be done while holding the flap up. After a couple of uses you can adjust your technique, but my previous mower was so much easier.

I would still recommend it though, as it has a much wider cut than anything else it the price range.

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