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Oleo-Mac G53-TK AllRoad Plus-4 Self-Propelled Lawn Mower (Special Offer)

Product Review (submitted on 5 August 2014):
Similar story to other reviews here. My trusty Mountfield (after 12 years service) packed up so I replaced this with the Oleo-Mac. MF's build quality has gone downhill over the years so I took a punt with this one as a suitable replacement, I looked at the Hondas but couldn't justify the cost.

So the Oleo-Mac! The instructions were a bit sketchy, overall I found assembly didn't take that long and I am very impressed with the performance.

The only downside is the weight, my garden is raised so I made some cheap ramps.

Given I have only had the machine for 1 week, the build quality is very good and the engine doesn't struggle at all. If anything it didn't really need full power as the engine has more than enough cc's to cope with anything that might be in its way.

Overall, a solid machine that I hope withstands the test of time and matches my previous mower's life-time. This is a lot of mower for your money - a mower on steroids with serious grunt :-)

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