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Stiga Tornado 3108 H Multiclip Lawn Tractor

Product Review (submitted on 13 June 2014):
I have about 1.5 acres of grass graduating from lawn to paddock. The inability to regularly mow meant the grass was too tall for bag collection. The net result was that mowing left large clumps of cut grass. The solution to the clumps was reasoned to be a side discharge mower. Should mowing be done regularly a mulching attachment would be an advantage.

A machine was required with at least a 40 inch cut, side discharge, mulching, a 500cc engine or more, electric cutter engagement and automatic gear selection. The Stiga Tornado 3108 H Multiclip Lawn-Tractor was one machine that met these requirements and it was my final selection.

The tractor came complete with a mulching attachment, unlike many others where it was an optional extra. Some of the other mulching attachments looked a fiddle to fit, whereas the Stiga mulch attachment is extremely easy to add or take away. At that time there was zero availability of the tractor – even at the importers, but fortunately I found an ex-demo machine available at MowDirect.

The machine was rapidly delivered and comprehensively explained by the delivery driver. The Stiga has been a joy to use, does the intended job and has frugal petrol consumption. Particularly convenient is the cranked accelerator. Push down at the front and you go forwards, push down at the back and you go backwards.

There were a couple of surprises. The LED headlights are fantastic and the machine has a cup holder! The tractor does not have an alternator so the battery charging is done by a mains charging adaptor. This makes sense, because for long idle periods the battery is trickle charged and in a good state when you next need to use the machine. The downside is you need a mains source wherever you keep the tractor.

A further problem was that the mains adapter came with a European plug so I had to use a shaver adaptor to connect to a 13 A socket – strange Stiga didn’t comprehend that the UK doesn’t have European sockets.

For people in a similar situation to myself I recommend they consider buying a Stiga Tornado 3108 H Multiclip Lawn-Tractor.

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