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Redback E146CV Self-Propelled Cordless Lawnmower (Special Offer)

Product Review (submitted on 12 August 2019):
Electric Mowers are th future, imagine how quiet Sunday's in suburbia will be when the petrol lawnmower is confined to history. I made the jump to battery-power when a back injury stopped me being able to use my trusted petrol mower, I thought the technology would be mature enough now to be a direct and improved replacement.

The mower turned up quickly and was fairly easy to assemble though the instructions were tiny and very poor, not even mentioning the mulching plug or how to get the collector working. The mower was easy to use, selecting cutting heights simple, the handle is pretty uncomfortable to hold and depress if your hands are not strong and the self-propulsion only has one speed, fast or stop, which makes control at lawn edges difficult.

The power is less than a petrol, long or damp grass will make it cut out straight away but my biggest issue was with the stated run time on a battery charge. They claimed 50 minutes on the website (this has since been changed to "up to" 50 minutes) but the most I got on dry short grass was under 20 minutes. If it is damp or you have left it for a week or so the cutting time can go down to 10 minutes.

MowDirect kindly sent me an additional battery which also lasted the same amount of time but between the two of them it is enough time to cut my small lawn. In summary, it is the future, seems well made, though underpowered and not very controllable, with very poor battery life. Does the job with the 2 batteries and fairly good value compared to other makes.

Good service from MowDirect.

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