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Mountfield Princess 38 Electric 4-Wheel Roller Lawnmower

Product Review (submitted on 8 May 2018):
I needed a medium sized electric mower for the garden of our new house and my old petrol Mountfield was simply too big. I would have liked to go with a lithium battery unit, but the extra £200 still is too much.
This unit was easy to assemble, except for the grass box which needs a little more care and the plastic to be in the sun for a while to make it softer! It is light to move and stow away with a handle that allows easy storage.

In terms of cutting, the six settings are pretty good but ideally, the lowest setting is just a fraction too low for general lawns and the second setting isn't quite low enough. If you have rough-ish grass, position 2 is fine but for manicured lawns, you need position 1.

If you have let your grass grow a bit, do not expect this machine to cut it all off in one go! My neighbour's grass hadn't been cut this year, (lazy So & So) but I did cut it on setting 6 last Thursday and again on setting 4 today; however, ideally it needs to be at level 2, so maybe next time.

In all this use, I have only used the grass box and not the mulching plug, but once we get the lawn well settled, I will switch to mulching all the time.

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