• Racing 5114F Comfort-Turn 4-in-1 Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

Racing 5114F Comfort-Turn 4-in-1 Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

Racing 5114F Comfort-Turn 4-in-1 Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

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Overall score : 4.2 /5 (2 Reviews)

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For £270 it was OK for £500? No. I bought this machine a few weeks ago and it has been running over and around my allotment plots since then. I've worked as a professional grasscutter. I also own and run my own company providing bespoke gardening services.

This mower caught my eye for the Zero turn function A price point for a machine that provides 4-in-1 for £270. A week later the price jumped by nearly £230 to £499.

The bad:

Shame they didn't use a bigger version of the front wheel for the rear wheels really.

The large plastic wheels at the rear are not built to last, are made of flimsy and cheap-feeling plastic and don't give enough grip, even on a slight incline. However, they are great for "Drifting" the mower about using the Zero turn ability; flicking the back end out to get some smooth lines and flow going while you mow.

The rear height adjustment bar rubs on the right wheel, potentially shredding the inside of it.

The pull cord frayed and was close to snapping within a few days. I had Paracord on hand so restrung the pull cord. The bars the cord stretch across are probably the reason it failed, plus it didn't look like a quality pull cord. There is no speed control on this machine so why did they still mount the pull cord across the machine to the left-hand side of the hand bars?

For £300 this would be a decent mower if you didn't use it often. It is meant to cover 1500m2 but if you did use it for that I don't think it would last long.

Even for the Zero turn ability; I think £500 is way too much when you look at the other bigger brand/named makers machines for the same price. I like it but it won't be a reason to keep a machine that has serious design flaws.

Instructions in French with a couple of sheets with limited info on in other languages; this is really not on if it is being sold in the UK. I know my way around lawnmowers but not everyone does.

The Good:

Cuts well and has plenty of power.

Lots of cutting heights and cross settings with front AND rear wheel height adjustment, so you can slope the cut front to rear/rear to front.

Once fuelled and primed, it started from new out of the box in 2 pulls (First pull was a test to see how much play was in the line). Once fired up it rarely stops unless clogged with grass.

Really good size fuel tank capacity; cuts for ages without constantly filling it.

For some the "one pace self-drive" might be annoying. It does, however, allow the machine to cut at the pace it needs and works well as the cut is good. It also means fewr working parts to go wrong.

The bag takes a decent quantity of grass clippings if you mulch twice and collect once. The grass collector is adequate for this sized machine and while it will fill quickly.

The grass box has a little plastic grass bag full indicator.

The machine has 4 in 1 cutting options and they all do their job very well.

It's not the lightest of machines, being largely made of plastic, but for the deck size and engine power, it's not bad.

The machine handles well but traction is an issue. However, power sliding/drifting this about ( once you got the hang of Zero turn) is brilliant and great fun. It looks cool too if someone sees you sliding out the rear end and keeping your lines and flow going without pausing.

In conclusion, I doubt this machine will last 6 months without having to have parts or warranty issues cropping up. Even so, It is great to see Zero-turn making it into the domestic cutting kit range in the UK and initially at a reasonable price before they raised the price over £200.

Delivery from www.mowdirect.co.uk was very good and the mower arrived on the stated day. The delivery driver called me 30 minutes before delivery. I was out working when he called so he kindly delivered to a neighbour. Great when that happens and they don't leave expensive items outside your house all day or don't deliver or attempt to contact you.

Top marks for www.mowdirect.co.uk for service and delivery. Thanks very much!

I shall return and shop here again!


Build Quality

Ease of Use



Review by Mr Simon Edwards / (Posted on 19/07/2019)
A steal at £279 I was dubious about taking a punt on a robin reliant of the grass cutting world (three wheels). The low price convinced me to give it a shot. I've only used the mower once as of writing this review, but it starts easily enough and cuts brilliantly, even on long wet January grass.

Annoyingly the instructions are printed ONLY in French which is a hindrance. Thankfully it's fairly obvious in what to do to set the mower up (Attach front wheel, fit handle, remove mulching plug and snap grass bag lower edging onto bar, 600ml SA30 oil).

The extremely large cutting width shaved plenty of time off my usual mowing time (about 1/2 an acre) compared to my previous 43cm Mountfield. The grass bag is perhaps a bit small for a mower of this size (and it is a long beast!).

Pros - Great WIDE cut
Turns on a sixpence
Follows curved edges really well
No pointless throttle, just a sensible single speed
Seems well built and runs cleanly (Only one use mind!)
Bargain basement price
Cons - French instructions
60L grass bag is a bit restrictive (but well made)
Front wheel requires a nut and bolt to be removed to change height (Although I've left it at the middle setting and just adjust the rear wheels lever)

That's it, a really good mower at this price.


Build Quality

Ease of Use



Review by Aaron Meredith / (Posted on 04/01/2019)

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