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Product Review Writing Headlines

Why We Request Product Reviews

We are actively seeking your input with regard to the equipment you have purchased and your experience as a customer.

Customer product reviews are a vital tool for the online purchaser, offering a chance to get a feel for a product that they have not actually handled and giving important tips and advice on assembly, performance or features.

Acting in concert with our product descriptions, specs and feature lists, your product reviews can pass on your experience to other potential customers.

Please follow our guidelines as closely as possible, to offer useful and detailed information to your fellow customers.

Our Guidelines

  • Try to be objective and focus on your experience and details of the product
  • Please make your review between 50 to 500 words approximately.
  • We are not looking for flattery, but we do ask for honest, considered opinion and useful information - positive or negative.
  • We will not publish any review that contains obscenity, advertising or is insulting or offensive to persons, groups or companies.
  • Think about the title. It should sum up and reflect your review
  • Please make sure your star rating accurately represents your review.
  • If you have comments about pricing, ordering, delivery or customer service, please use Trustpilot for more detailed reviews about our service, or contact us directly. We are unlikely to publish a review that is just a stream of comments about service. There are other platforms for this. (see above) 
  • You may have received a faulty item or have an issue that can be corrected. A random faulty machine does not necessarily mean the model or the manufacturer are flawed or of low quality. If you feel there is an issue that we can help with, do contact us before you leave a product review.
  • Please sign with a name, initials or nickname. 

So. There we are. We really hope these guidelines are useful. 

A quick note. We do reserve the right to edit your reviews if necessary. We will never change them in order to make a product look better or worse or to colour your views in any way, but may edit or adapt for sense, clarity, or length. See our Terms & Conditions for more details. 

We really look forward to hearing from you and to reading more of your product reviews. Thank you. 


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