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Technical Knowhow

When It Comes to the Nuts and Bolts

The Best Back-Up – Free of Charge

MowDirect has been the UK’s leading online supplier of garden machinery since 1999 and has consistently offered you the best back up in the industry. Free.

A Wealth of Knowledge

First of all, why not dip into our large store of over 500 tips, essays and information based articles, all available free to you, our customers. One of these carefully selected pieces may well have the answers you need and save you time. Click the following link for a quick overview: MowHow

Our Sales, Customer Care and Workshop Team

However. If you have a tricky issue with your machine, or it has developed a fault that can’t be easily solved, we operate a fully equipped UK call centre in the Sandy Bedfordshire, staffed by experienced and friendly Customer Care professionals, backed by our trained Workshop Team, to handle your enquiries.

Full Technical Assistance if it All Goes Wrong

MowDirect will provide you with our full support and assistance in the event of a fault developing with your machine. Our workshop is set up to repair any item we sell if the fault is covered by the warranty. We can even deal directly with the manufacturer on your behalf to ensure a speedy recovery of your machine.

In some cases we may employ an officially recognised Service Agent in your own area to perform this work on our behalf.

Ready to Help... Fast

The quickest way to get your issue handled is for you to email us with your name, customer number and a full description of the problem.

That way we can act faster and you will receive priority treatment.

Email: [email protected]

Call: 020 3026 8712

 "MowDirect...its after sales service is second to none, i.e.superb." PAUL V.

A Tip From Our Team

“Many issues are easier to solve than you think, so do make sure you read the manufacturer's instruction manual in full and go through any troubleshooting sections before contacting us. It saves you time and helps us help all our customers faster”


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