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Our History

The Story So Far

In the late nineties, when Google was an infant and Facebook and Twitter were still twinkles in the eyes of their creators, MowDirect founder Rob Fagg was sitting in a pub listening to everyone and their dog talking big about the websites and online businesses they were going to start.

In most cases it was just the beer talking, but Rob decided that he would actually do something about it. Sensibly deciding to tackle something he knew about, using knowledge he had gained from the family business, he settled on garden machinery.

And so, in 1999, MowDirect was born.

Rob trawled conferences, attended trade fairs, visited dealerships and consulted industry figures and, everywhere he went, he was told he was totally wasting his time and nobody would ever want to buy a lawn mower online.

Unperturbed, Rob gathered garden machinery specialists and dedicated professionals around him who shared his passion and aim. That aim was to provide more than just a sales cart.

MowDirect wanted to:

  • Create strong relationships with suppliers and customers.
  • Provide detailed information, strong images and specifications for products
  • Continually enhance and improve the Internet shopping experience.
  • Set a standard for bespoke delivery from an online business.
  • Build strong links with leading manufacturers, supplying goods from Europe, Asia and the USA.

And we managed all of this, which is probably why MowDirect is the longest established garden machinery website and has become the UK's leading specialist supplier of petrol mowers to the end-user and the largest retailer of ride-on mowers in the country.

Today, our aim has not changed. It is, as it always was, to provide gardeners with the most direct and comprehensive access to powered garden equipment and accessories in the UK at the best possible prices. We offer a unique combination of the top garden machinery brands, carefully selected specialist makes and exclusive products you won't find anywhere else.

But the bottom line is that we continue to care about your online shopping experience and about you getting the right tool for the job. We want to continue to improve communications with our suppliers and customers. To encourage you to let us know what you need. To add to our store of information and share it with you.

We want to offer free, impartial advice, backed up by experience and know-how, so you choose the right equipment and then provide after sales back-up so you get the most from your purchases and improve your garden.

These continue to be our aims. So watch this space. We want to hear from you and we’re always here to help.

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