Efco's claim on its website to make "a complete range of high performance garden machinery to meet every need." is absolutely on the button. It's products are superior quality and made to high specifications in Italy and Efco is a leader in 2-stroke engine technology. Hedgetrimmers, Blowers, Shredders, Lawn Mowers and more - all high performance, reliable and with a commitment to comfortable use. Efco products are engineered to last longer than many leading brands and are constantly upgraded, and its ranges developed to keep every user in the loop. Whatever you need, you'll find a good, low priced durable Efco version. MowDirect is pleased to supply a large range of these European made tools at very competitive prices.

Efco Chain Saws

Efco Hedgetrimmers

Efco Blowers & Vacuums

Efco Brushcutters

Efco Lawnmowers

Efco Scarifiers

Efco Wheeled Brushcutters & Flail Mowers

Efco Ride-on Tractor Mowers

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