Brrrrrr. Chills Are All Around But Spring Will Soon Be Here. What Can We Do?

Winter chills are definitely upon us. All across the land, grumpy middle-aged fathers are having to abandon their Dickensian miser-character impulses and having to turn up the central heating as small children, shivering even though they are already wearing two fleecy sweaters as well as the ridiculous rabbit-eared onesie their aunty bought them for Christmas, … Continued

Twas The Day After Christmas – Our Pre-Season Day Sale

Boxing Day? It can be a bit dull I think. So in a jolly attempt to cheer it all up an bit, I’ve decided to promote our SALE. It’s more stuffed with bargains than your turkey was stuffed with…er…stuffing, and as glittery and exciting as the showiest Christmas tree ever. And how do I tell … Continued

Black Friday. Blue Monday. Pink Wednesday? What Is It All About?

Hi there. We all know Black Friday is now a major part of the shopping based lead up to Christmas, with great deals flying around like benevolent pigeons in Trafalgar Square. But where does the whole thing come from? There is evidence to suggest that it started in Philadelphia, where it described the heavy traffic … Continued

How Many More Shopping Days? Cripes! Here’s My Early Bird Top Three Present Ideas Under £200

Anyone who is a looking out of the window at the moment could be forgiven for thinking this is the most golden autumn of all time. I see leaves still hanging around on the pavement (though not on my newly cleared patio and lawn thanks to Brody and his AMAZING, powerful, lightweight and reasonably priced … Continued

Smashing Pumpkins at the Quiz Of The Week and a Big Slip for Shouty Mal

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If you read these blogs regularly (both of you) and have the standard quotient of wits about you (which you undoubtedly have) you may just have picked up that I am partial to the odd beer. This means that my local hostelries are positively queueing up to throw cheer and bonhomie at me, particularly at … Continued

Jeepers Sweepers – Leafy Creepers. Happy Halloween.

It is the scariest event of the year, no, no, I don’t mean the cast of Eastenders performing an under rehearsed dance routine on ‘Children in Need’, it’s HALLOWEEN. Wooooo! I think we may be painfully aware of this as you couldn’t really miss the VERY BIG CLUES across the TV over the last few … Continued

Scarifying? It’s Not Halloween Yet. Oops. I Punned Again

Hi all. There has been an ongoing bone of some contention between me and the boys recently (and when I say boys I am being slightly insouciant as I am referring to Dick and Drew, whose combined age probably looks like a phone number). However, the contention is down to the following. I have been … Continued

All The Leaves Are Down – Autumnal Sonnets and Seasonal Deals

When it comes to this time of year I like to breathe a sigh of well-wrapped up contentment and take a walk in the fresh autumn air.  How could one not be moved by the beauty of this season, a misty, twisty, magical time when golden, brown and russet hued leaves flutter fairy-like through the autumn … Continued

Free Yourself and Go Clean and Quiet – 5 Reasons To Go Cordless

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.” So writes the very great Jane Austin at the start of the  opening passage of Pride and Prejudice. What is possibly somewhat less universally known is that this wife is going to … Continued

Bad Weather TV. Sport is a Non-Starter, Midsomer Is Murder but Bonds Have More Fun

Now I’m not a huge television watcher but, I must say, on a gloomy, grey, drizzly Autumn, Sunday afternoon, like yesterday, when I want to get into the garden but the garden is increasingly just not looking like the place to be, you may well find me reclined on my couch, wrapped in a Liberty … Continued