Two Quality Ride-on Mowers for Under £1200 & EXCLUSIVE: The UK’S First Battery-Powered Ride-On Mower – for Under £1800

No, I haven’t been in the sun too long, banged my head or drunk too much Abdabs Falling Down Ale. It’s true. We have another true exclusive here at MowDirect...we have the first non-emission, no noise, cheap to run, UK battery ride-on, from the stables of quietly brilliant brand Feider, and it’s a real bargain. … Continued

Join the Queue for our Barby Range and Get a Taste of the Outdoor Cooking Revolution

Barbecues are a great leveller. No-one dresses for dinner, people can eat with their hands so table manners are out of the window, every Father becomes Gordon Ramsay and everyone suddenly agrees that a good burger is a thing of beauty. As it happens, cooking in the great outdoors (or even a small garden) is … Continued

Two Rear-Roller Mowers That Earn Their Stripes (and Give You Yours)

Don’t blink, just pinch yourself. No. You are not dreaming, it’s still sunny and…gasp…warm! The grass has been growing and the sky is the colour of a Manchester City shirt rather than Gandalfs’ pants. So what better time to take a look at two of MowDirect’s fabulous, exclusive rear-roller mowers. We have sourced these sleek … Continued

Meet the New Feider 7550M A High Quality Ride-on with a Very Low Price

As the Spring progresses, the light in the evening increases even further and the Scandinavian winds begin to realise there’s more to life than making British people miserable, we look to our lawns and imagine how marvellous they could look if we only had a shiny new mower… And that is where MowDirect comes in. … Continued

New for 2019. Introducing Hyundai – Affordable Quality & a Cut Above

As spring gradually makes itself comfortable, dumps its backpack on the sofa and stretches out on your favourite armchair, hogging the remote, we ask the question ‘what is new this season?’ Easy. At the risk of boasting, we have a host of shiny, new machines to show you, all of which are hand-picked for their … Continued

Feider Ride-on Mower – Next Working Day Delivery with Minimum Self-Assembly

You may not have heard of Feider. But like great West End or Broadway musicals, before the reviews come out in the press, or acting stars before they are famous, it’s always good to buy a ticket early before everyone else wants a piece of the action. Same with this excellent ride-on. Get one now … Continued

Our Magnificent 7 Deals For Your Lawn

OK. The sun hasn’t exactly got his hat on just yet, but he is certainly trying a few on for size and considering coming out to play on a more permanent basis. Yes. The earth is gradually warming up as bleary-eyed daffodils on roundabouts peer around nervously, wondering when some cheapskate is coming along to … Continued

Our Facebook Ideal Garden Competition Winners – Double The Prizes, Double the Smiles

Well. What an exciting week and weekend it was.  Not only have we seen a man scale a building to save a four-year-old hanging from a balcony, some of the world’s worst goalkeeping mistakes from the Liverpool keeper (what was he meant to be keeping actually? It certainly wasn’t ‘the balls out of the net’) … Continued

All Inclusive. Yes, Batteries ARE Included on Our Redback Tools

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You know how it works. You get the gizmo home, whatever it is, a toy robot, a radiogram (retro man) unwrap it and prepare to play with it, listen to it, drill with it or whatever and then you realise there are no batteries in the box. ‘Oh bother!’ you say (or something similar) and … Continued

Our Facebook Competition – Win A Fabulous Einhell Brushcutter – Get Involved Now

Yay. It’s MowDirect Facebook competition time again. It’s grey and windy outside today but some of the competition entries we have already received are putting a sunny smile on my carefully moisturised face. This competition is to celebrate The Royal Horticultural Society’s National Gardening Week (it’s this week peeps) and we’re very pleased to be … Continued