Get Going Fast with Our Two NEW Feider 4-in-1, Self-Propelled Mowers with Electric Start

It may be late September but the grass is still growing and there is no better way to cut the lawn than with one of our fabulous new Feider petrol mowers, the Feider T4640ES 4-in-1 and the Feider T5175ES both 4-in-1, both self-propelled and both with easy and convenient electric start. They are efficient, great … Continued

Autumn Preview – Exciting New Products Are On Their Way

As Summer rings its bell, starts to put chairs on the unoccupied tables and tells punters in a loud voice ‘Last orders ladies and gentlemen please’, we have nipped outside, looked at the sky and decided it’s time to get in early for the next shift. As Sean Bean may have said in an earlier … Continued

Last Chance to Grab a Bargain in Our Sizzling Summer Sale – Ends Soon

Yes. It’s that time of year again. Time to get yourself the best garden machinery bargain available before the sale ends and Christmas cards start appearing in the shops. Our Summer Sale has been quite an event, with the chance to pick up something very special for a once only price. These are genuine bargains, … Continued

New Racing Lawn Mowers. Power Driven, Best-in-class build-quality at VERY Low Prices

Wimbledon, World Cup Cricket, The Women’s Football World Cup, everywhere you look, fit and feisty athletes are grunting, thwacking and kicking balls around on the lush green grass that our recent weather has brought. And the grass is still growing, faster than Boris changes his mind. So it’s time to take that lawn in hand … Continued

Two Rear-Roller Mowers That Earn Their Stripes (and Give You Yours)

Don’t blink, just pinch yourself. No. You are not dreaming, it’s still sunny and…gasp…warm! The grass has been growing and the sky is the colour of a Manchester City shirt rather than Gandalfs’ pants. So what better time to take a look at two of MowDirect’s fabulous, exclusive rear-roller mowers. We have sourced these sleek … Continued

Look After Your New or Old Mower with a Protective Cover from Accessory Experts JR

You may be planning to buy a shiny new mower. You may well have bought one already. Great. Ride-on? Walk-Behind? Petrol powered? Battery? Lovely. Have you bought a cover? No? What? If you spent a fortune on a lovely car, let’s say an Aston Marten Vantage (sorry, had to stop there to wipe away some … Continued

My Six Super Lawncare Deals For The Easter Weekend

Writing an Easter-time blog without using any egg-based jokes is about as hard as trying to get a straight answer out of a politician. However, I shall try my hardest to do eggsactly that…DOH! Well, I’m only human. As I look out of my window, thinking about where to hide the Easter eggs so my … Continued

Get Energized – Cordless Tools You Will Love from a Name You Can Trust

As we race headlong into the growing season faster than a speeding bullet in a souped-up Ferrari, many of us are thinking about replacing those rather worn out and run-down garden machines that are sitting mournfully in the shed looking tired and old. Maybe we need to think about the noxious emissions that spewed from … Continued

New for 2019. Introducing Hyundai – Affordable Quality & a Cut Above

As spring gradually makes itself comfortable, dumps its backpack on the sofa and stretches out on your favourite armchair, hogging the remote, we ask the question ‘what is new this season?’ Easy. At the risk of boasting, we have a host of shiny, new machines to show you, all of which are hand-picked for their … Continued

My Great 8. An Octet of Top Lawn Mowers For 2019

Mowing time is upon us and the grass is growing under our feet, over our feet and everywhere else. We have a fabulous array of machines for you in our Spring collection and, rather like the old wedding tradition; we can offer “something old, something new something cordless and something blue.” Yes I know, it’s … Continued