The Sun Has Finally Got His Hat On. Hope You’ve Got Yours On Too.

Yes, yes, yes. It’s awfully exciting. Strange transition. One moment I’m popping down to our local pub with ‘B’, my lovely and long-suffering BFF, for a couple of glasses of prosecco, sitting like brave soldiers in the garden and finding the Beast From The East icing everything not wrapped in fleecy material, the next I’m … Continued

Our Gardening Superstars are here to kickstart your spring.

March was a funny old month, wasn’t it? I’ve been ever so busy with my new little project (his name is Marcus, he’s tall, dark and he’s a photographer. Nuff said). Drew has been filling in for me on a number of my blogettes so it is very lovely indeed to be back. I thank … Continued

Three Wheels Good – from Tuk-Tuks to Trotters to the Tasty Einhell LE-PM 51S Mower

Now that spring has finally got in touch and told us it’s on its way as soon as it can get a cheap flight, gardeners from the most dedicated to the ‘Oh do I have to?’  are starting to rub their eyes, dust themselves off and think about the future of their lawns. Now my … Continued

Spring – It’s Nearly Here. But What’s it All About?

Spring is coming. Hmmm. Spring. Spring. Odd word, the word spring. It’s kind of bouncy, isn’t it? I mean, not to be obvious or anything, but it’s a coiled up parcel of energy that jumps about when it’s under pressure and then released (like a metallic Anton Du Beck). The word spring, meaning the season, … Continued

Coming soon. Win a great prize in our forthcoming Facebook spring comp

Well. I’ve not been around much recently having had a little sabbatical. But here I am and just look out of the window. It doesn’t seem like it’s a whole year does it, and yet here it is, Merry Christmas again, the season of goodwill and freezing temperatures, time to ring out those solstice bells, … Continued

Ignore The Chills, Get Ready For Spring With My Top Five Spring Tunes

Yes. Spring is really just around the corner. Well, it is according to Dick and Drew who, it must be said, have never been wrong before (fake news) and are always on the money with the seasons and the weather (more fake news) and are far more green fingered than I will ever be (now … Continued

Wintery Chills and Home Fires – Hot Stews Are a Must – But My Luxury Shepherds Pie is the Best

For some reason, about this time of year, the picture editor and I have a falling out. Last year it was about an image he published, that I didn’t think was at all flattering and didn’t’t look like me at all. In fact, it turnd out not to be me at all so I was … Continued

Make Your Mind Up Winter. We’re Trying to Prune Here

So yet again another Winter rolls around like a hog in a mud bath and as I look from my condensation soaked window I see no cheery scenes as from a Dickensian Christmas card, no jolly toboggans, no cheerful snowmen, no happy snowball fights…but then why would I? There’s no snow! It’s a funny old … Continued

Brrrrrr. Chills Are All Around But Spring Will Soon Be Here. What Can We Do?

Winter chills are definitely upon us. All across the land, grumpy middle-aged fathers are having to abandon their Dickensian miser-character impulses and having to turn up the central heating as small children, shivering even though they are already wearing two fleecy sweaters as well as the ridiculous rabbit-eared onesie their aunty bought them for Christmas, … Continued

Twas The Day After Christmas – Our Pre-Season Day Sale

Boxing Day? It can be a bit dull I think. So in a jolly attempt to cheer it all up an bit, I’ve decided to promote our SALE. It’s more stuffed with bargains than your turkey was stuffed with…er…stuffing, and as glittery and exciting as the showiest Christmas tree ever. And how do I tell … Continued