Three new lawnmowers, German engineered for reliability and strength

New for this year, these three lawnmowers from leading German engineering company Al-Ko are solid and efficient and have long warranties to give you peace of mind.

The first, the Al-Ko Easy 4.2 PS Petrol Push Lawnmower is made for lawns around 800m2 in mind with a 42cm cutting width.

The blades are powered by a really efficient 99cc engine and the mower has been designed so you can either collect the grass in the 50-litre grass box or discharge it back to the ground from the back – especially useful where appearance isn’t so important.

Al-Ko 4.2 SP lawnmower
Smaller lawns: Al-Ko Easy 4.2 SP lawnmower

Being a mower you push along it is easier to cut along curving paths and lawn edges. Cutting heights are from 25mm to 75mm with seven positions.

This great little mower costs £189, £60 less than the recommended price and has a five-year warranty and free delivery the next working day.

The next new mower is the Al-Ko Easy 4.6 SP-S Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower with a 46cm cutting width making it the one to consider for larger lawns up to around 1000m2.

Incorporating all the benefits of German engineering this one has a 135cc, 2.7hp, engine, mean on fuel and emissions but is easier to use on larger areas as it is self-propelled.

It has extra large rear, drive wheels, and has a 65-litre grass box, but you can discharge back to the lawn if you prefer not to collect the cut grass.

This has seven cutting heights from 25mm to 75mm and is another solid mower with a steel cutting deck.

The price is £269, £50 less than the recommended price, again with free delivery the next working day and a five-year warranty from Al-Ko.

Al-Ko 5.1 Lawnmower
Powerful machine: Al-Ko Easy 5.1 SP Lawnmower

And for still larger lawns, up to around 1800m2, there is the Al-Ko Easy 5.1 SP-S Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower with a 51cm width of cut.

Another solid mower with a steel cutting deck, this one has a 163cc engine, again from Al-Ko, and has the power to tackle rougher areas and thicker, clumpy grass which can be cut without the grass box.

There are seven cutting heights from 25mm to 80mm, this final one very useful for cutting the thicker stuff.

Delivered to your door free of charge the next working day following your order, it costs £319, £60 less than the recommended price and has a five-year warranty.

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