Ten great machines to get your garden party-ready for the Bank Holiday weekend

With the Spring Bank Holiday next weekend many of you will be planning your first summer party of the year.

You know, warm wine, cremated sausages and soggy puddings your neighbour always brings along.

But at least you can make sure the garden in good shape – flower beds weed free and planted out, lawns and lawn edges neat and tidy, flower baskets planted, watered and hung.

There’s a fair bit of work to do but here are ten top gardening tools to give you a head start, all in stock and available for delivery in plenty of time to get the jobs done.

Redback cordless lawnmower
Battery power: Redback E137C cordless lawnmower

These first three items are new and exclusive to us at MowDirect – in fact we helped in their development.

Redback builds its own batteries using the latest cells which retain their power and take less time to re-charge.

And the batteries will fit any machine in the range so once you’ve bought one piece of machinery with battery and charger, you only need buy the tool in future.

Have a look at these three from the range, starting with the Redback E137CQ-2Ah Cordless Lawnmower.

It us supplied with a 2Ah cell and charger and will run for 25 minutes, enough to cut a small lawn.

Re-charging takes just 70 minutes.

This great little mower is hand propelled making it easy to move around garden paths and borders and has cutting heights from 25mm to 75mm. The grass box holds 40 litres.

There is a dial on the handelbar to show the level of charger left in the battery and it has a polypropylene cutting deck to keep the weight down and make it light and easy to use.

It costs £269.00, saving over £90 on the recommended price and has a three-year warranty. And we deliver it FREE  the next working day. As one delighted customer wrote…

…very pleased with performance…Well recommended mower from a well recommended seller at a very Good Price. Thank You.”

Redback cordless grass trimmer
Light and easy: Redback Cordless grass trimmer

Another machine in the range is the Redback E312DQ-2Ah Cordless Grass-Trimmer, an efficiently-simple way of keeping the lawn edges in trim.

It has an aluminium shaft which is adjustable to suit the height of the operator.

The strimming head has a bump feed mechanism – just bump it on the ground to spool out more line when needed.

This package comes with a 2Ah battery, charger and a belt to hold the battery which fits around the waist.

The whole package costs £169,  over £85 less than the recommended price and we deliver it FREE the next working day. Plus there is a three-year warranty.

And the third one from the range we are highlighting is the Redback E920D Cordless Pole-Hedgetrimmer (Tool Only).

This has a telescopic shaft with an adjustable handle and a cutting bar which rotates through 90 degrees. The blades are 52cm long and the machine comes with a shoulder harness to make it easier to manage.

Long reaching power: Redback E920D Cordless Pole-Hedgetrimmer

See what a recent customer had to say: ‘To do the hedge tops, just set the cutter to the angle you want, adjust its height. Position it, switch on and walk along the hedge. Job done. Even the neighbour likes it. The battery acts as a counterweight to the blade making it easier to manipulate. It’s not very noisy but very powerful. I have cut through 20mm stalk thicknesses, and there is no degrading in power, right up to when the battery runs out, when it just stops. A good choice if you don’t like ladders.’

The tool along costs £99,  over £50 off the recommended price, is delivered FREE the next working day and has a three-year warranty.

Now three machines from a top German garden machinery company with a reputation.

The Einhell GC-PM 46 S-M Self-Propelled 4-Wheeled Petrol Lawnmower is suitable for lawns around 1400m2 with its 46cm cutting width and 139cc engine, designed to be an easy starter.

Einhell GC-PM 46 s-m lawnmower
German engineered: Einhell GC-PM s-m lawnmower

When it comes to lawns it can handle the rough with the smooth and it has a mulch plug if that’s how you prefer to deal with the clippings.

If not it has a 50-litre grass box. Cutting heights are from 30mm to 80mm with eight settings.

One recent customer commented: ‘You have to love the Germans. 9/10. What they make, they make very well.

I had a Hayter before this (It got stolen) and it was twice this price but I must say the Einhell cuts just as well. It starts very easily and is easy to maintain.’

Other reviews are here.

This special offer mower is exclusive to us and costs £239.95, a saving of £60 on the recommended price. There is a two-year warranty and FREE next working day delivery.

This next one from Einhell has five ways of dealing with the cut grass and is made for large lawns – say up to 2000m2.

The GC-PM 52 SHW 5-in-1 Hi-Wheel Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower lets you discharge clippings to the side or back, drop them under the machine, mulch, or collect in the massive 80-litre grass box.

Einhell 5 in 1 lawnmower
Unique machine: Einhell GC-PM 5 in 1 lawnmower

It has a super-powerful 173cc engine with the starter cord mounted on the handlebars which have three positions.

There are five cutting heights from 25mm to 70mm.

Again there are loads of favourable comments, the latest of which said ‘We are very happy with our Einhell Mower. It’s an excellent product at a good price. Great features. Easily assembled. Easy to use. What more could you ask?’

It costs £299.95, and amazing £200 off the recommended price! and it has a two-year warranty. We deliver it for FREE the next working day.

The third machine from Einhell is a little brushcutter with loads of power to cut through thick undergrowth.

The Einhell GH-BC 43AS Brushcutter is the ideal machine if you are faced with banks of brambles and nettles and is powered by a 42.7cc engine with the company’s Quick-Start features.

As it has ‘chopper’ motorbike style handlebars it can cut large areas when used in a sweeping motion and it has an aluminium shaft to resist corrosion and make it light. It also has a strimming head with a twin nylon line and a bump feed.

It costs £169.95, £90 off the recommended price and there is a two-year warranty and free next working day delivery. A double shoulder harness is included.

Now a great brushcutter with an Oleo-Mac BC241S Ultralight Petrol Brushcutter – Load & Go

Einhell GH-BC 43AS Brushcutter
Oleo-Mac BC241S Ultralight Petrol Brushcutter – Load & Go

The Oleo Mac BC”41S  Brushcutter is a very powerful machine with a  21.7c  Emak engine and an electronic starting system.

It weighs just 4.5kg making a featherweight contender in the world of  brushcutters!

This model comes with two cutter-heads: a 13cm twin-line head with thick 2.4mm line and Oleo-Mac’s time-saving Load&Go system; and a fast-working 25.5cm metal brush-blade with three cutting-teeth.

There is also a cutting blade with three mean teeth for thicker areas.

It costs £324.99,  nearly £30 off the recommended price and we deliver it FREE the next working day. Plus there is a fiver-year warranty for domestic use.

Next, a powerful hedgetrimmer from a Japanese company often the choice of professional gardeners.

The Tanaka TCH22E-AP2 (50) Petrol Hedgetrimmer has an easy-starting 21.1cc engine and is a very light machine.

It has two 50cm double-sided blades which have a 30mm tooth gap letting you tackle hedges with older, thicker growth.

tanaka TCH22EAP2 hedge trimmer
Neat trimmer: Tanaka TCH22EAP2 hedge trimmer

The handle has rear handle which twists 180 degrees letting you tackle hedge sides and tops and odd shapes with getting into contortions.

It is just £269, £40 off the recommended price and has a five-year warranty. Next working day delivery is FREE.

But please check the hedges before you start work to make sure there are not nesting birds.

There are several reviews of the machine which can be seen here. One recent purchaser commented. ‘I bought this after my old machine finally refused to start. The Tanaka is a revelation. It’s light, great quality, cuts like a knife through butter and starts with the first pull of the cord. Highly recommended!’

Now a couple of lawn tractors, the first of which has a special offer on attachments which make the tractor useful the whole year round.

The Lawnflite 603 XT-S Lawn Tractor has a 420cc MTD engine started with a key and has the company’s Direct Collect technology with a fan to blast cut grass into the grass box.

The cutting width of 76cm and it has five cutting heights from 30mm to 95mm and wide tyres which will avoid marking the lawn.

For rougher areas of the garden you can discharge clippings at the back.

Lawnflite 603 XT S Lawn Tractor
Wet clippings: Lawnflite 603 XT S Lawn Tractor

And it is a comfortable tractor with an adjustable seat. Headlights keep you working into the evening.

You can see reviews of this tractor here. ‘Fantastic mower‘ said one and ‘Great mower, took minutes to find my way around the controls, pretty quiet compared to my old mower,’ said another.

It costs £1569, a saving of £330 of the recommended price and it has a two-year warranty.

Delivery is free within two to three working days but for a small extra fee we can deliver it the following working day – even Saturday – provided you order by 3pm.

And last but not least we have a very Special Edition Lawn Tractor the  Alpina AT2 66 QA –  A  3 in 1  Ride-On lawn mower ( from the same makers as Mountfield)  with  a twin-cylinder  engine and can tackle lawns up to 6000m2, or an acre and a-half.

This compact,  3 In 1 tractor has a Cutting- collection; mulching; side-discharge options, making this an incredibly versatile mower that performs well on varied grounds.

The grass box holds 150 litres.

Alpina AT2 66 QA – 3 in 1 ( Mountfield) Ride-On Lawn Mower

It has five cutting heights from 30mm to 64mm and large tyres to protect the lawn.

When you’re finished with it, just attach a garden hose to a special wash port on the cutting deck to clean it all out.

It costs only £1399,  and it has a 2 year warranty. Our Premium Delivery Service is is FREE within two to three working days but you can receive it the following working day if you order by 3pm – even on a Saturday.

One customer said: ‘I have a large garden and also mow part of a field for a number of reasons. I’m very pleased with the performance of the Al-Ko.’

See other reviews here.

After the recent rain the grass has put on a spurt and needs regular trimming now, even as much as twice a week.

You can find a huge list of mowers here and ride-ons and lawn tractors here. And if you need any advice please ring us on 020 3026 8712. We’ve years of experience and will be only too happy to help. We offer the best pre-sales and after sales care in the business, as our customers are telling us… “UNBEATABLE. Outstanding service and great communication ordered new lawn mower day 1 and it was delivered next day free of charge can’t fault the mower or the service highly recommend’

I have had the best after sales experience of my life… Both on the phone and by email all communications were dealt with promptly and in a friendly manner that seemed to have disappeared since the 60’s. Special thanks to Tracie for her efforts, Jason for his input and Sally for closing the deal. I will only deal with this company for my gardening needs. Thank you.”

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