Join the Queue for our Barby Range and Get a Taste of the Outdoor Cooking Revolution

Barbecues are a great leveller. No-one dresses for dinner, people can eat with their hands so table manners are out of the window, every Father becomes Gordon Ramsay and everyone suddenly agrees that a good burger is a thing of beauty.

As it happens, cooking in the great outdoors (or even a small garden) is becoming more and more popular. and a growing percentage of people do it all year round, sometimes cooking outside and taking it in to eat; just for the healthy, no oil, no butter smoky, chargrilled taste.

The number of people in the UK who like to share a Barby with loved ones and friends now is hitting the 20 million mark and three-quarters of households now own some kind of barbecue. So get involved and take a look at our pop-up Outdoor Cooking shop, with its superb range of outdoor cooking gear, from great, global brand names like Outback and Outdoorchef. All come with FREE delivery and we have great low prices and a great range of products.

Like this superb entry level, simple but effective 17″ Kettle Charcoal BBQ.

For a very low cost you get a classic charcoal-fuelled outdoor cooker with a chrome-plated grill to prevent food sticking and to enable effective and easy cleaning.

It features twin air-vents for practical heat control and a vitreous enamelled bowl and lid for durability under high temperatures.

This neat and tidy charcoal barbecue costs just £49.00 with FREE 1-2 working day delivery.

Everyone knows that its not all burgers, bangers and bits of chicken these days. I’ve had a whole leg of lamb cooked on a barbecue, by a fine New Zealand friend who knew what he was doing; I’m talking fine dining in the open air here. Swordfish, steaks, even a shoulder of pork can benefit from a bit of outdoor cheffy TLC.

Companies like Outdoorchef have been responsible for elevating and promoting outdoor cooking culture and create innovative, quality products that enhance the barbecue experience.

Products like the Outdoorchef 315-G Australia Gas Barbeque, a reasonably priced but very high-quality gas barbecue, easy to use but versatile and powerful enough to cook anywhere, the patio, the festival or the campsite.

Designed and built in Switzerland, to very high specifications, it features a heavy-duty, cast-iron 3-burner system making it robust and ensuring even heat-distribution in the grilling-chamber.

All major parts are porcelain-enamelled for heat resistance and durability.

Electric one-touch ignition makes every cooking session a breeze and the infinitely-variable burner-valve adjustment offers temperature control that is precise and efficient – just what every cook wants.

There are safety flame-tamers to prevent dripping fat from setting fire to the burgers and a built-in thermometer for detailed temperature-settings.

Ample storage is included for accessories, bowls, plates and your favourite hot sauce and it features folding side-tables.

Weatherproof, twin transport-wheels are fitted for go-anywhere cooking.

This superior-quality gas barbecue costs just £399, a saving of £30 on the list price and comes with a 3-year warranty.

Pizza. Just the word conjures up images of thin-crust delights from Napoli. Hot, tangy mozzarella and rich basil infused tomato sauce on a large disc of crispy joy covered in slices of spicy pepperoni. That’s what we all want, (OK, some want mushrooms) but you don’t get that kind of quality off the back of a moped. Soggy cold pizzas are not welcome, so why not invest in your own super, authentic, crisp-base making, taste creator – a proper Pizza oven.

Like the Delivita Vintage Blue Pizza Oven. This is a serious pizza making machine from an artisan family firm that knows Pizza backwards. They actually hail from this country, Yorkshire to be exact, so this is a quality British made product.

Very high temperatures and fast cooking are at the heart of real pizza making and this premium oven has an operating temperature of 500°C so your delicious homemade pizza will be ready in only 90 seconds. Heating up to optimum temperature takes only 25 mins, so this really is fine fast food in your own garden. What could be better?

The versatile Delivita Vintage Blue can also infuse your fish, meat, veg or flatbreads with classic woodsmoke flavour.

It is constructed from tough, heat-proof fibreglass, with a crack-resistant weatherproof casing so it’s strong, durable and lightweight, and the heatproof base means you can place it anywhere in safety. Heatproof handles remove the dangers of burned hands.

This incredibly good value Pizza oven and outdoor cooking all-rounder costs just £1200 and includes, FREE 3-5 working day delivery, a 5-year manufacturers warranty, a supply of ecolighters and some Harrington firewood. Now that is a deal.

So there are my favourite three, but that’s not all by any means. Our full Outdoorchef range includes a comprehensive selection of outdoor cooking machines, there is bound to be one that suits you. In addition, we also have a great range by another leading name in grilling in the great outdoors, Outback. and the whole outdoor cooking range here

If you need any help and advice on these items or any others in our range, please give our friendly, helpful team a call on 020 3697 9432 ( Mon to Fri: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm and Sat: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm)

Excellent service on both the selling side and after sales’ Paul. (Trustpilot May 2019)

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