Our New Feider Scarifier is Set To Become a Winner

Now the lawn is, hopefully, looking more like a fun place go out, do some work and spend some time, and less like the remains of a 1970s rugby match, it is time to think about how to really care for it and treat it to some proper TLC.

On these pages, in our knowledge base MowHow and in our regular e-letters, you will often find me banging on about scarifying. This is mainly because it is a lawn revitalising process that many gardeners have yet to discover and we want to spread the word.

If you really love your lawn, at some point it may well become apparent that it needs scarifying. Over time, thatch, moss and other organic detritus can build up under the surface of the lawn, stealing light, water and air from the struggling new growth.

A mechanical scarifier will pull out out this material, clearing space for your lawn to feed and breathe again taking in the nutrients and water that have been snaffled.

If you want to know more about thatch and scarifying, why not take a look at our knowledge base MowHow, where there are a number of articles that explain in more detail.

What you will need, for sure, is a good quality, powerful and easy to use scarifier that does not break the bank. This is where MowDirect can definitely help. Our new, exclusive and exciting range of garden care machinery includes this steel-chassis, robust and hard-working, well-engineered FST212 Petrol Scarifier from Feider.

The Feider FST212 Scarifier is one of the most powerful domestically available machines on the market and is built to work hard season after season.

It is driven by a most-powerful-in-class OHV, 212cc air-cooled four-stroke engine that delivers 3hp and features a large-capacity fuel tank (3.6-litres) to maximise productivity.

The scarifier’s 18 durable steel blades mounted on a revolving drum, remove any rogue organic material that is stifling the development of your lawn and is also capable of in a lower position (there are 8 depth settings in all) of cutting almost invisible slits in the ground to aerate and enable the water and air in. This can help also prevent compaction.

The large 17.5cm diameter wheels are ball-bearing mounted for a smooth and comfortable run on the lawn and to prevent stiffening or seizing up and the generous 45cm working-width and large-capacity thatch-catcher (35 litres) enables good coverage. This machine will handle lawns up to up to 2000m2 in good time.

The handlebars have soft grips for added comfort and are foldable, ensuring compact and easy storage.

This excellent and well-engineered machine come to you at THE AMAZING PRICE OF JUST £289.95 saving £200 on the list price. NEXT WORKING DAY DELIVERY IS FREE, and a reassuring 2-year warranty is included.

If you need more information, check this great little scarifier out on its product page .

Or take a look at our complete range of scarifiers and aerators.

Alternatively, call 020 3697 9432 and speak to one of our friendly experts about your lawn care needs. Hours are 9am-5pm Mon-Fri and 9am-4pm Sat.

“Fantastic Service… honest and pointed me in the right direction to make sure I got the right tool for the job.” M. Manfredi

Enjoy your garden. Drew Hardy

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