Why Should You Scarify Your Lawn ? Here’s Why And Three Top Scarifiers To Help

The grass is definitely growing. I could feel it under my feet at the weekend as I guiltily crept across to the shed to help myself to some home brewed stout, ignoring the pitiful cries of the lawn as I tried to pretend it wasn’t time to start thinking about lawn care in earnest.

Just mowing your lawn, however careful you are to cut well and often, isn’t really enough to look after it properly. Season after season of compaction from footfall, football or just walking about, as well as a build-up of organic detritus, moss, dead grass shoots and weeds under the surface, known as thatch, can eventually stifle your lawn.

It’s easy to see the most obvious symptoms. The lawn will feel extremely spongy and bouncy there may be yellow patches, caused by drainage issues due to the blocked growth. However, it doesn’t really do to wait for these extremes before giving your lawn the kisas of life.

Your lawn deserves a spring clean. We’re approaching the time for a good scarify, lightly raking through the lawn to drag out all that organic debris and making space for your lawn to breathe and take in the nutrients, air and water that the thatch has blocked.

A scarifier can also aerate the lawn, which means leaving slits in it that can help relieve compaction. The best results can be obtained by using a dedicated mechanical scarifier, with metal blades that sit on a revolving cylinder.

So here are three top models that we can guarantee will leave your lawn looking more like the cat’s whiskers than a dog’s breakfast

First up, the Einhell GE-SC 35LI Power X-Change Cordless Scarifier ticks so many boxes. The quality and German engineering are beyond question and it enables you to scarify with no fumes, no cables, very low running costs and low noise, all due to the wonders of advanced technology lithium-ion battery power.

The first cordless scarifier ever produced, and still the only one, The GE-SC features an excellent, powerful brushless motor, adjustable working depth and height adjustable, ergonomic handlebars. The battery and charger are compatible with all tools in Einhells’ power x-change range, making it even better value for money. Our amazing price of £249.95 saves you £130 on the RRP, but more than that includes both the charger and TWO batteries.. We don’t think you can do better.

As our customers have said, giving this machine 5 stars, … ‘a fantastic lightweight but effective scarifier…’ J. Davies, ‘1st class little scarifier.’ J. Jones, ‘…an excellent buy and thoroughly recommended.’ D. Smith

Next up is this new and exclusive scarifier from Fieder. This tough and robustly constructed petrol machine oozes quality and premium features, including a meaty 4-stroke engine, ball-bearing mounted wheels for smooth and long-lasting operation and a foldable, comfort-grip handlebar. This is one if the most powerful domestic use petrol scarifiers on today’s market and comes at the astonishing price of £249.95 a huge saving of £250 on the RRP and is delivered FREE with a 2-year warranty.

And last, but most definitely not least, is our best-selling superstar petrol scarifier, the Einhell GC-SC 2240P Petrol Lawn Scarifier, five-star rated by our customers, and an incredibly popular machine with thousands of sales and admirers. I am not exaggerating…the following quotes are from our product reviews, over 100 on the site.

‘Brilliant’ , ‘Fantastic!’, ‘…a great German engineered product.’, ‘…powerful and effective and at this price, it will pay for itself in two or three uses’, ‘My partner describes this scarifier as the best he has ever owned’, ‘…a proper scarifier…, ‘…the lawn is breathing again’The amount of moss and thatch ripped up on the first two passes on the highest setting was incredible…manual raking was getting nowhere’.

From the solid, steel construction to the 40cm working width, the single lever controlled 6-stage height adjustment to the lawn saving wide tyre tread and the ability to scarify lawns up to 1000 square metres, this German-engineered machine has quality running through it. Surprising then that this model is available at just £299.95, a significant drop of £200 on the recommended price. Not just that, next working day delivery is FREE.

And those are my top three scarifier recommendations. If you need more help and expert advice on any aspect of powered scarifiers or any other garden machinery, please give us a call on  020 3697 9432 (9 am-5 pm Mon-Fri & 9 am-4 pm Sat) and our knowledgeable, friendly team will be delighted to help you.

In addition, there is more information on scarifying and lawn care, including the best time to scarify and mush more, here in the pages of MowHow, our knowledge base.

Outstanding!…the whole customer journey has been fantastic with the customer service team offering advice and technical information so that I could make an informed decision….a great team and a great product.’

Enjoy your garden

Drew Hardy

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