Aerate and Give Your Lawn a Drink with the Great Value Al-ko 38p Petrol Aerator

What a summer it’s been. Hotter than a fireman’s trousers and drier than a desert rat’s boots. And it’s all left our lawns looking rather the worse for wear in so many places.

However, when the rain does come again (and we’ve seen some already) you need to make sure your lawn, rather like me in the Dog and Crumpet on Saturday, is drinking as much as possible. Hard, compacted soil will cause the rain to run off and not soak in as it should. That means opening up the ground a little and aerating it.

Raking and light scarifying are often recommended in the late summer and early autumn but aeration, and making sure the grass gets the full benefit of any rain showers, is probably a more pressing need especially after the ‘phew what a scorcher’ of a summer we’ve experienced.

Al-Ko 38p combi care petrol scarifier aerator
Versatility: Al-Ko 38p combi care petrol scarifier aerator

The AL-Ko Comfort 38P Combi-Care Petrol Aerator / Scarifier is a neat and powerful little machine that will not break the bank but will open up compacted, hard soil, enabling life-giving water to seep in and repair some of the damage done by extreme weather.

This practical machine uses 24 hardened steel blades to lawn’s slice into the surface pan, cutting narrow slits to let in moisture nutrients and air.

It is powered by a quiet running and reliable Al-ko engine and offers the added benefit of a scarifying cassette, providing great value for money with two vital lawn-care functions in one compact, and easy to use, machine. The scarifier function will help you remove moss and thatch from your lawn to prevent it from choking and further improve the health and look of your grass.

The Al-Ko comfort 38p aerator costs just £349.00, £20 below the RRP, comes with FREE delivery and has garnered some very nice comments from happy customers.

‘…a very impressive machine which I would highly recommend .’ said one, ‘You can see the grass saying ‘Thank you.’ ‘ said another and  ‘Great Machine…’The results are impressive, it does the job effectively and is therefore good value for the price.’ enthused a third.

Don’t forget, our website offers some of the best deals around and if you need more information on any aspect of your garden machinery needs or wants,  just call our friendly, knowledgeable team on 020 3697 9432.

‘...friendly staff to deal with and very satisfied with service.’ M. O’Shea (TRUSTPILOT)

Enjoy your garden.      Drew Hardy


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