Ten top wheeled trimers, field, brush and scythe mowers made to cut down the thickest scrub

Depressing isn’t it? Already past the longest day so the evenings from now on will be shorter and all we have to look forward to is bitter winter snow and ice.

But for now the sun blazes down on most of the country and while lawns don’t need trimming so often verges and rougher parts of ground certainly need some attention.

This is the ideal time for trimming orchards and paddocks and if you have a large area of ground,wheeled trimmer mowers and brush cutters make this a lot easier than swinging a scythe.

So here area ten top wheeled trimmers and scythe bar mowers to tackle large areas of the thickest brush and scrub.

And the first is our own tried and tested mower which has proved popular for several years.

MD Tondu Wheeled Trimmer
Thicker stuff: MD Tondu Wheeled Trimmer Mower

The MD Tondu Wheeled Trimmer Mower has a snub nose for getting under garden seats and low branches and cuts away thick banks of weed like rushes and nettles with a heavy duty line.

A 4-stroke 160 cc engine turns the line and the machine runs on 14-in w2heels with rubber tyres making it ideal for clearing like roads side verges, banks and ditches.

You can also cut close to walls and hedges and stones and cans won’t damage it.

It has a cutting width of 56cm and adjustable heights from 35mm to 70mm.

The handlebars fold down to make it easier to store.

The machine costs £319, £40 less than the recommended price and we deliver it free within seven days with a two-year warranty.

‘Excellent Product. We (our fishing club) used this machine all spring and summer along the river bank clearing all sorts of vegetation. It has big advantages over normal strimmers, it can deal with thicker plants, the 4mm line (we use Stihl 4mm line) lasts a long time, the operator does not get covered in debris.

‘It is also light enough for one man to pick up and put into a van.’

So wrote one satisfied customer.

DR4 Premier Wheeled Trimmer Mower
Powerful machine: DR4 Premier Wheeled Trimmer Mower

This is a similar machine made in the States.

The DR TR4 Premier Wheeled Trimmer-Mower – Recoil Start (DRMP60) has a 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine designed to be an easier starter and need the minimum of servicing.

This one uses thicker strimming line and has five cutting heights from  38mm to 89mm.

Again, you can cut flush to wall and fence sides and rocks and tin cans won’t cause any damage.

The cutter head has a clutch to stop it spinning without cutting the engine.

The recommended price is £599 but we have it for sale for £549 with free delivery the next working day and a two-year warranty.

‘Excellent.  It really does do an amazing job of clearing overgrown areas, as well as rough cutting long grass. On the first day it arrived we managed to completely clear half an acre of severely neglected ground,’ said one customer.

This next one, the DR TR4 PRO-XL Self-Propelled Wheeled Trimmer-Mower – Electric Start (DRMP57) is a similar machine from the same company but has a 190cc Briggs & Stratton engine,

DR TR4 Pro Wheeled Trimmer Mower
Professional Power: DR TR Pro Wheeled Trimmer Mower

It is self-propelled with variable speed that can take on really rough terrain and thick vegetation and has five cutting heights from 38mm to 98mm.

The cutting head is offset making it easier to trim very close to wall edges and it has adjustable handlebars padded to minimise vibrations.

You can also buy a blade to extend its use.

Delivered free of charge the next working day it costs £1099, £200 off the recommended price and it has a two-year warranty.

Now a couple of machines from a leading German manufacturer of garden machinery.

The  Al-Ko BM 870-III Scythe-Bar Mower is a really powerful machine when it comes to trimming back overgrown areas of scrub.

A 125cc Briggs & Stratton engine drives it along and also provides the power for the cutter bars.

Al-Ko scythe bar mower
Rough stuff: Al-Ko BM III scythe bar mower

It has an adjustable grass deflector and is a versatile machine as you can even buy an optional snow plough – and think how valuable that could have been earlier in the year.

Delivered free within two to three working days, it costs £879, £50 less than the recommended price and has a two-year warranty.

‘Strong Capable Mower Easy to Use. Great machine! Does what it says easy to use! I just wish the blade could be lifted a little higher for when initially tackling overgrown areas. Recommend MowDirect – excellent service.’ So wrote a previous customer.

And the second machine from the same company is this one, the Al-Ko BM5001R-II Powerline Scythe Mower.

This has a more powerful 190cc Briggs & Stratton engine, an easy starter with torque control to deliver more power when needed.

It also has a reverse gear to get you out of difficult situations and making it easier to cut awkward areas.

The handlebars and adjustable and it has a debris deflector so you can leave the cut down debris where you chose.

It runs of tyres with a deep tread so you can move through muddy areas and has an enclosed transmission system.

It has a 102cm cutting width and cutting heights from 100mm to 150mm.

Delivered free within two to three working days it has a two-year warranty and costs £1399, £100 off the recommended price.

This machine is from a leading maker of heavy duty garden machinery often the choice professional gardener and owners of smallholdings.

Bertolini scythe mower
Thick stuff: Bertolini BT4132S Scythe Mower

The Bertolini BT413S-10E Commercial Scythe-Mower (with Electric Start) has a cutting width of 115cm an can easily hack its way through thick patches of bramble and even small saplings.

Driving it along is a 349cc Lombardini diesel engine giving 10.9hp started by an electric starter.

It has for three forward and three reverse gears and independent drive to the wheels so you ca turn it on the spot.

It has six positions for the handlebar and fast forward – reverse shuttle gear change really useful if the machine gets stuck.

There is also a wide range of attachments for this machine which can be fitted without tools.

It costs £5299 compared with the recommended price of £5949 with a 115cm cutter bar.

We deliver it free within three to five working days and it has a two-year warranty.

Here is another wheeled brush cutter but this one has a front wheel making it easy to manoeuvre where space is tight.

The Efco DR51-S6 Wheeled Brushcutter is drive by a 189cc Subaru engine.

It has a cutting width of 51cm and is suitable for areas up to around 2000m2. Cutting and heights are from 53mm to 116mm.

Efco DR51 field mower
Neat worker: Efco DR51 S6 field mower

Delivered free within three to five working days it has a three-year warranty and costs £899, £90 off the recommended price.

The next machine is designed to cut through thick overgrown areas and can every cut through 5cm saplings.

The DR PREMIER 26-10.5 Field & Brush Mower – Recoil Start (DRMP29) boasts a 344cc Briggs & Stratton engine with four-speed transmission and a reverse gear.

It has a blade-brake clutch to stop the blade when moving across hard surfaces and runs on wide pneumatic tyres so it can handle rougher terrain and muddy areas.

It is ideal for river banks and verges as well as the thicker areas.

It costs £2399, £200 off the recommended price and is delivered free within five days with a two-year warranty.

The next one is a similar machine but from an American company with a reputation for making for tough machinery.

The Billy Goat BC2600HH Hydro Drive Rough-Cut Brush Mower (Honda) will mow through thick patches of brambles and gorse and has a work rate of an acre an hour.

Billy Goat out back rough cut mower
From the States: Billy Goat rough cut mower

It will cut down saplings 5cm thick and as much as 1.8 metres tall and has a 66cm wide cutting deck and has a traction control system to keep it moving in difficult areas.

The power comes from a 388cc Honda engine will handle 20 degree slopes and the cutting deck will pivot to keep to close to the ground without scalping it.

The recommended price is £3919 but we have it for sale for £3649.

It is delivered free within five days and has a one-year warranty.

And finally a machine for the professional and farmer who has large areas of scrub to mow.

The DR PRO-XL 44-20 Tow-Behind Field & Brush Mower – Electric Start (DRMP42) has its own engine  with all the power devoted to the blades and can tackle weeds eight feet tall and saplings up to three inches in diameter.

The engine is from Briggs & Stratton 650cc and producing 20hp with electric start.

It is mounted on a heavy steel frame and has four cutting heights.

The blades are free swinging to pivot of they hit anything solid so minimising damage to the transmission.

It runs on wide tyres to handle all sorts of rougher areas.

Delivered free within five days with a two-year warranty in costs £4199, £300 less than the recommended price.

We have an extensive list of machines to cut down brush and scrub from the smallest and easy-to-handle strimmers with the latest technology to the ones above, made to cut through the thickest brush.



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