Extra, Extra, Extra – What The Customers Say About Redback Cordless Tools

The world cup is on, the lawn tennis season has started and, as far as I’m concerned, that makes the world a better place. Good lord, even England played well the other day.

And as the early summer sun peeps out between the clouds and the sound of football commentators stating the blooming obvious, cheering crowds and footballers swatting midges streams from every open window, there is one sound you are hearing less of in every town and every city. And what is that? I hear you ask. I answer – the oft invasive sound of petrol powered garden tools.

The quiet, ear-saving and almost genteel buzz of battery powered tools is gradually taking over our urban areas as customers realise how efficient, powerful, emission-free and quiet they are.

At the forefront of this revolution is MowDirect’s co-developed, exclusive Redback range. Yesterday’s blog by my good old mate and vino vanquisher Dick Roberts featured three excellent examples of redback’s understated power.

Both the Redback E137CQ-2Ah cordless lawnmower (including Battery and Charger) and the Redback E522D Cordless Hedgetrimmer and the Redback E920D Cordless Pole-Hedgetrimmer are fine examples of our full, redback range and I thought, as an extra to Dick’s blog, you might want to see what the customers have to say about them.

So here, with no further comment from me, is what the customers think of these three Redback tools. First up, the Redback cordless lawn mower

Redback Cordless Lawn mower
Quite, clean, cordless power: from Redback

Excellent price, well made and does what it says on the tin. Can’t fault it.’

‘Nice Looking Machine and Does the Job Well…a good product and run time is great.’

An Excellent, Well-Engineered Machine…I’m very pleased with this lawn mower…It’s very well made of sturdy construction, but quite easy to manoeuvre out of the shed and on the lawn. It does exactly what it says on the box, From empty, it takes an hour to fully charge the battery. It is my first cordless mower, it is a joy to use and I certainly don’t miss the trailing cable. I certainly recommend this machine, and MowDirect, just look at the quality of their website

Excellent…have used it three times now and cannot fault in any way, collects all grass and saves me raking it. One less job, easier being cordless just very impressed…Ten out of ten and would definitely recommend it.’

And then we’ll see what the users are saying about the Redback hedgetrimmer

A Good Add-on to the Redback Range. I already own a Redback strimmer so it was sensible to buy the hedge cutter

Redback Cordless Hedgetrimmer
Slim and trim: Redback Hedgetrimmer

as well. Excellent performance, light in weight but cuts really well. No messy petrol or leads everywhere. No pulling on the dreaded starter cord. Very pleased with this. I have the smallest battery but so far I have never run out of charge and get at least 1 hours continuous use.

‘Quality as Always…When you buy from MowDirect it is always delivered as promised. This equipment is of the highest quality both in design and manufacture. A service of the highest order.’

Super…Easy to use and the battery lasts like they say. The cut is super, because of this I purchased the pole hedge cutter.’

Great performer. This is the first Redback product I have bought and it really is very good and better than the other brands. I was surprised at the power from the battery and its duration. I used it for over 45 mins and it still had lots of life left. As a result, I may look at the other Redback items that run off these batteries’

and finally, the pole-hedgetrimmer…

Redback E608DQ-2Ah Cordless Pole-Pruner 

Exceeded my Expectations… having given it a lot of use I can now say it is brilliant!… it has exceeded my expectations! I find the length very good, and I use the 4AH battery which lasts over an hour, as claimed. …while I am having a break the battery charges in under an hour (with the fast charger).  It cuts through up to an inch thick with ease! It is so much easier than my previous heavy petrol cutter and of course, is quieter so no need for ear defenders. The weight with 4AH battery is fine and it is well balanced. Very pleased to recommend it and the wonderful staff at MowDirect!’

Great product. I am pleased to say I don’t have to use a ladder any more & there is no cable following me across the garden to trip over or cut. I should have purchased one of these years ago, it would have saved me struggling, time & worry’

No wires, no ladders, GREAT! With our Solar panels, we charge the Redback battery up when the sun shines and so trim our hedges for free. To do the hedge tops, just set the cutter to the angle you want, adjust its height. Position it, switch on and walk along the hedge. Job done. Even the neighbour likes it. The battery acts as a counterweight to the blade making it easier to manipulate. It’s not very noisy but very powerful. I have cut through 20mm stalk thicknesses, and there is no degrading in power, right up to when the battery runs out when it just stops. A good choice if you don’t like ladders.’

and there we have it. `Three excellent tools and many, many satisfied customers. If you want to see the full range of Redback tools have a look at these pages.

In the meantime, enjoy the world cup, enjoy the tennis and, most of all, enjoy your garden.     Drew Hardy

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