Two heavy-duty machines to cut back the thickest scrub

The recent scorching weather has given the weeds and verges a real boost especially after recent deluges.

These areas need to be cut so they do not take over and become impossible to control and here are a couple of machines which make the job simple – certainly less tiring than using a scythe or billhook.

The first, the DR TR4 Premier Wheeled Trimmer-Mower – Recoil Start (DRMP60) has a four-stroke Briggs & Stratton 163cc engine which starts easily without priming.

DR4 Premier Wheeled Trimmer Mower
Powerful machine: DR4 Premier Wheeled Trimmer Mower

There are five cutting heights from 38mm to 89mm and it will cut down really thick banks of weeds. The cutting head is offset so you can trim close to walls and fences without causing any damage and is easy to push, with large wheels.

It is also fitted with an aluminium front bumper for protection.

The weight of this machine is just 26kg and it has a clutch on the cutting head so you can stop the trimming cord without stopping the engine.

The handlebars are adjustable to suit the height of the user and are padded to minimise vibrations.

With a two-year warranty and FREE delivery the next working day it costs £549, £50 less than the recommended price. A spare strimming line is also available.

One customer commented: ‘Excellent. It really does do an amazing job of clearing overgrown areas, as well as rough cutting long grass. On the first day it arrived we managed to completely clear half an acre of severely neglected ground.

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This machine from the same company is aimed at professional users with large estates to keep in trim.

DR Pro Field and Brush Mower
Professional Power: DR Pro Field and Brush Mower

The DR PRO 26-14.5 Field & Brush Mower – Electric Start (DRMP27) will make light work of overgrown paddocks and field edges and has a 14.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine with enough power to cut down the thickest brush and small saplings up to 6cm in diameter.

The wheels are driven via a four-speed gearbox – three forward and one reverse gears – and there is a differential lock for increased traction when needed.

The cutting deck is 66cm wide and pivots to follow uneven ground to give a smooth cut.

It costs £2999, £300 less than the recommended price and it is delivered FREE within five days of receiving your order.

Have a look at these pages for a comprehensive selection of brush cutters.

And please give us a ring on 03454 588905 if you are not sure which is the right one for your needs. We are here during normal office hours.

Extremely helpful customer support in choosing machine and order process. Thank you’ Matt D. (TRUSTPILOT)

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