Holes In The Lawn. Why They Can Be A Good Idea

Hello all. Well, you all know I am not discoursing on those horrendous holes made by moles or the studs of football boots or stupid golf holes or even big, burly men with beetroot tans and virulent yellow jackets digging up your property trying to find a leak that’s costing the water board an arm and a leg… a fortune which they then pass on to the customers as if it’s their fault.

I’m talking about aerating your lawn. Those holes in the main picture (above) are the result of aerating. My good colleagues Dick and Drew, who know more about gardening than I ever will, are always banging on about aerating and scarifying and have gradually taught me that although these things sound bad (I mean…scarifying? Sounds like something from a horror film) they are necessary tasks to carry out as part of your average lawn maintenance schedule.

You see my little lawn is showing signs of the old wear and tear, it’s a bit discoloured and the rainwater is puddling. I mentioned it to Drew and he popped over at the weekend, during the lovely freak summer we suddenly had, and we had a chat and a glass of something vaguely alcoholic (I mean is 11% prosecco actually alcohol?) He informed me that my lawn looks compacted, is made up of heavy clay soil and all that and needs aerating. Compacted? I said. ‘Why? How? What are you talking about?

It turns out that if you’ve had a garden party (guilty moi?) or two, all those Hobbs, Jimmy Choos and Churches trampling on your lawn mean the soil gets all squashed together and the water can’t drain properly.

You can learn more about how you can tell your lawn is compacted and so on and whether or not you need to get hold of a good aerator here in our knowledge bank, MowHow.

MTD Electric Aerator Scarifier VERY good value

Basically, it seems that what you do is stick spiky pointy thing into the lawn at regular intervals to let in water and air and sunlight all the stuff grass likes to turn into dinner (is that photosynthesis? I think I was singing in the choir when we did that in biology).

It also turns out that around now is one of the times that’s good to aerate your lawn. I am hoping to borrow an aerator from Drew. He says he has a friend who’s got one of those ones that do both aerating and scarifying (Scarifying? don’t ask, just look here)  it’s called an MTD SV30E Electric Aerator-Scarifier and it’s apparently spot on for my size garden. MowDirect does them at a very decent £159.00.

So I am waiting for Drew to come and show me just how good these aerator things are. And that’s all I can do… except perhaps pop out with a small glass of prosecco and check out the trees. There may be some pruning needs doing soon.

Don’t forget that MowDirect will offer you proper expert advice if you need to chat about any gardening machine needs or issues. Our people are really friendly and they know their stuff. They are around on the ‘phones from 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon from Monday to Friday and 10 am to 4 pm Saturdays. Call on 0345 4588 905.

What lovely people who work for MowDirect, they were so helpful and kind and couldn’t do enough for me. I have no hesitation in recommending MowDirect. They gave me advice on which lawn mower would suit me best and spoke at length to explain why.’ P. Mortley (TRUSTPILOT)

See ya.    Holly.

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