Now the sun’s out, it’s time to take back control of the garden

It’s a jungle out there.

The recent rains, and now warming sun, have led to a huge amount of growth in the flower beds and lawns, so much so that if you haven’t trimmed your lawn yet you may be in for a shock.

But get back to the garden you must and here are ten top machines to put you back in control.

We have listed mowers and scarifiers and a great little machine for cutting down really thick undergrowth and a couple of lawn tractors.

Racing 5073T Lawnmower
Power and a low price: Racing 4-in-1 Lawnmower

All have free delivery and at least a two-year maker’s warranty for your peace of mind.

So let’s’ start with a mower new for this year and one of our exclusives bound to be a top seller. Indeed, it’s already proving popular.

The Racing 5073T 4-in-1 Hi-Wheel Self-Propelled Lawnmower is ideal for lawns around 1500m2 with its 50cm-wide cutting deck and has the power to tackle rougher areas of grass and sloping lawns with its 173cc engine.

The high rear wheels give it great manoeuvrability and it has six cutting heights from 20mm to 70mm.

It has been designed to let you collect the grass in its 65-litre grass box, mulch it or discharge to the side – useful for when cutting areas like small paddocks and orchards.

An indicator on the grass box lets you know when it is full and it has a throttle control so you can increase the revs when needed.

The steel cutting deck has a wash port to make it easy to clean after use – just attach a garden hose and run the engine.

You also receive a spare cutting blade and a lawnmower cover together worth £50.

Delivered free of charge the next working day it costs £279, £120 off the recommended price and has a two-year warranty.

The next is from a favourite British brand, another exclusive.

Lawnflite 21 SPW ES lawnmower
Electric start: Lawnflite 21 SPW ES lawnmower

The Lawnflite 21 SPW-ES 4-in-1 Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower with Electric Start, as its name suggests, fires up at the turn of a key.

It has a 173cc Lawnflite engine and lets you decide how to deal with the cut grass.

You can either discharge it at the back or side, collect it in the 60-litre grass box, or mulch it, when it is held for longer in the cutting deck and chopped into tiny pieces before falling back to the lawn and rotting away.

It combines aluminium gearbox with a steel cutting deck and has a 52.5cm width of cut so it can handle medium to large-sized lawns.

It also has an indicator to show when the grass box needs emptying and a throttle control.

It is delivered free within two to three working days of receiving your order and it has a two-year warranty.

The price is £349, £150 off the recommended price.

Now an exclusive mower which we helped to design for British lawns using the latest battery technology.

The Redback E137CQ-2Ah Cordless Lawnmower has 40V batteries which will fully charge in 70 minutes.

Redback cordless lawnmower
Battery power: Redback E137C cordless lawnmower

It has a 37cm cutting width making it suitable for small to medium sized lawns of around 400m2.

It has a 49-litre grass box and five cutting heights from 25mm 5o 75mm and a display on the handlebars shows the charge level.

This package includes the mower, battery and charger and is delivered free within seven days with a three-year warranty.

It is priced at £329 compared with the recommended price of £397.9.00.

Nice Looking Machine and Does the Job Well, all in all a good product and run time is great,’ was a recent customer’s comment.

And once you have the battery and charger you can buy other garden machinery in the Redback range at great prices.

For instance the Redback E312D Cordless Grass-Trimmer is only £89 although you do need to buy a battery belt for £39.

This is much lighter than petrol-powered machines and has a pivoting and tilting cutting head and an adjustable shaft and the trimming head rotates through 90 degrees.

Redback cordless grass trimmer
Light and easy: Redback Cordless grass trimmer

And it has a protector to save you slicing through the flowers and more line can be fed out by simply bumping the head on the ground.

It is delivered free within seven days with a two-year warranty.

It’s not only the lawns which are running rampant, nettles and brambles and other thick clumps of weeds and starting make their presence felt as well and here’s a great tried and trusted machine for cutting these down before they go rampant.

The  Einhell GH-BC Petrol Brushcutter + Free Kit is a sturdy piece of German machinery powered by a 25cc engine designed to be easy to start.

It is equipped with a 42cm nylon line strimming head for lawn edges and a 23cm cutting blade with three teeth for the thicker stuff.

The machine comes with a shoulder harness to make it more comfortable to use for long periods and has an extensive vibration damping system.

The strimming head has a bump feed system making it easier to feed out more line when needed.

Ein hell GH-BC brushcutter
Free safety kit: Einhell GH-BC brushcutter

It costs £125, £70 off the recommended price, and is delivered free the next working day with a safety kit comprising a helmet with face guard and ear defenders, work gloves as well as a fuel mixing bottle

There is a string of reviews, this the latest: ‘Excellent. Fantastic strimmer especially for the price. Lots of power and easy to store as it folds away. Fantastic service too.’

Others can be seen here.

Now a machine which has proved popular for several years designed to cut back large areas of thick undergrowth.

The MD Tondu Wheeled Trimmer Mower is a really solid little machine which can be pushed over thick areas of bramble and banks of nettles and is terrific value.

The trimming head is driven by a 160cc 4-stroke engine and has a flat nose on the front so it can work under low-hanging branches and along the banks of ditches.

It can also cut under garden seats and close to garden furniture and walls and is especially useful in neglected areas where rubbish has accumulated as rocks and stones and pieces of iron won’t worry it as there is not cutting blade, just thick strimming cord.

It has a working width of 56cm and the cutting height can be adjusted from 35mm to 67mm.

It has a dead man’s handle as a safety device which will cut the engine when released. Folding handlebars make it easy to transport in a car boot and easy to store.

MD Tondu Wheeled Trimmer
Thicker stuff: MD Tondu Wheeled Trimmer Mower

It costs £319, £40 off the recommended price and has a two-year warranty with free delivery within seven days and a set of five replacement trimming lines. A further ten sets can be bought for £20.

I cleared 2 paddock areas of rough grass, just over 700 sq metres of 5ft high nettles brambles thistles and more. This machines made light work of a daunting task. Highly recommended.’ So commented one recent purchaser.

Lawns are not at their best after recent rains and dead grass and moss are inhibiting Spring growth.

Top seller: Einhell GC-SC 2240P scarifier

This is where the next machine comes into its own.

A best-seller for several years, and one of our 4/5 rated superstars, the Einhell GC-SC 2240P Petrol Lawn Scarifier will tease out flat-growing weeds, moss and accumulations of dead grass to let new growth flourish.

It has 18 blades which pull out all the rubbish to let nutrients and moisture penetrate to the roots.

It is supplied with a 45-litre catcher for the rubbish but this is best left off the first time you use it and you will be surprised how much rubbish there is, as our customers keep telling us…

This is a quality machine. Amazing value to get a petrol driven scarifier of this build and quality at such a reasonable price… this removed tons of moss and debris from our lawn

Build quality is excellent as advertised…the amount of moss and thatch ripped up on the first two passes on the highest setting was incredible.’

A 118cc Einhell engine provides the power and there are six working levels and a 40cm working width.

As it has large wheels it is easy to manoeuvre around the lawn.

It costs £299.95, £200 off the list price and is delivered free within three to five working days.

Another recent customer commented: ‘Excellent Machine, Great Price. This machine is a doddle to use. I still need the garden tractor to sweep up the mountains of thatch it produces. Can’t think that you’ll get any better result from a much more expensive model.’ Other reviews are here.

This scarifier is for smaller gardens but still produces excellent results and is really two machines in one.

Al-Ko 38 e combi care aerator scarifier
Great value: Al-Ko 38E combi care aerator scarifier

The Al-Ko Comfort 38E Combi-Care Electric Aerator / Scarifier has two cassettes.

The 38cm scarifying cassette has 24 sprung hooks to tease out moss, dead grass and other rubbish which accumulates on the lawn and inhibits growth.

The 37cm aeration cassette has 14 steel blades to cut small slits in the lawn and allow moisture and nutrients to penetrate to the roots.

The power comes from a 1300W motor and there are five working levels selected by a dial.

A 55-litre catcher deals with the debris and a smooth underside to the machine makes it easier to clean.

It costs £169, £20 off the recommended price and it has a two-year warranty and free delivery the next working day.

One recent purchaser said: ‘Very Good. First class in terms of the order process and handling. The product seems well made and appropriate for the task.’

Other reviews are here.

Finally, a couple of lawn tractors.

The  Lawnflite 603 XT-S Lawn Tractor is a powerful little machine with a 420cc MTD engine started with a key and with a large fuel tank.

And it drives much like an automatic car with the company’s own shift-on-the-go transmatic transmission.

Lawnflite 603 XT-S lawn tractor
Bargain: Lawnflite 603 XT-S lawn tractor

And this is an excellent collector of wet grass thanks to its Direct Collect system which uses a fan on the cutting deck to blast cuttings into the grass box.

Made for areas of grass around 4000m2 it allows you to collect the grass and discharge it at the back where appearance is not so important.

It has cutting heights from 30mm to 95mm and has a cutting width of 76cm so can cut large areas quickly.

It costs £1499, £400 off the recommended price and is delivered free of charge within two to three working days with a two-year warranty.

Here’s what one customer thought of it. ‘Both we and our ‘sit on’ are getting old so I decided to renew and upgrade to make it easier for my partner to mow our expansive lawn. Not only did this make life easier but the lawn has had the best cut it has ever had. Thrilled with our new tractor, nicknamed ‘Tommy‘. Well worth the outlay.’

And finally a lawn tractor from one of Britain’s favourite brands and a machine which has proved very popular over the years.

Other reviews are here.

Mountfield 1530H
Popular machine: Mountfield 1530H lawn tractor

The Mountfield 1530H Lawn Tractor has an 84cm working width making it suitable for lawns up to 5000m2.

This tractor has two cutting blades which not only give a better finish but also help when it comes to grass collection.

The power is from the company’s own 452cc engine, a very smooth machine and it has hydrostatic transmission, just lie an automatic car.

The grass box holds 240 litres and it has a large fuel tank to keep you mowing longer and bleeps at you when it needs emptying – this can be done from the driver’s seat.

Cutting heights are from 25mm to 80mm and you can buy a mulch plug for an extra £119 and a rear grass deflector for use when cutting longer grass for £99.

There is a padded and sprung adjustable seat and when you’re finished just attach a garden hose to the cutting deck to keep it clean.

It costs £1999, £150 off the recommended price and has a five-year warranty and is delivered free within two to three working days.

Reviews can be seen here.

These are just ten machines from our unbeatable site featuring equipment listed. If it’s a mower you want, these pages feature an unrivalled choice, and if it’s all a bit baffling then give a member of our team a call on 03454 588905.

We have many years of experience in garden machinery and will be able to point you in the right direction to find one suitable for your requirements.

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