Reasons To Buy A Hayter Mower – There are Quite A Few.

As spring sneaks inconspicuously its way into our world, blinks apologetically and blames its late arrival on the traffic, we look forward to sunnier days and time spent in the garden.

Yesterday’s blog from Mr Roberts, my mate and every sommelier’s friend, concentrated on those iconic veterans of British lawn care, Hayter lawn mowers.

There’s a good reason for this and it’s not a secret. Hayter makes REALLY good lawn mowers and has done for over seventy years. Hayter mowers have a huge and loyal fan base and Hayter customers come back time and time again for their mean, lean, racing green mowing machines.

This is because the designers, engineers and techies at Hayter pride themselves on best practice and a smart and progressive way of working. In other words, a mix of traditional methods and bang up to date technology and techniques. This practical and efficient blend creates a harmony of the care and attention to detail of the hand-made, and the efficiency and speed of the machine-made and results in some of the most robust, sleek, high-performance machines you could wish for.

This is what leads to the Hayter brand-loyalty phenomenon. Die-hard fans who won’t buy anything else. Yes. short of chanting ‘We love you, Hayter, oh yes we do’, putting up posters and getting tattoos of their favourite machines, Hayter fans have a love of their mowers that is tantamount to being a football or rugby team supporter, whether it’s the…

Hayter Spirit 41 Petrol Autodrive Rear-Roller Lawnmower …

Champion of Lawnmowers. The build quality right out of the box is excellent. After mowing my grass twice at different heights this afternoon it looks superb. I’ve

Hayter Harrier 41 petrol autodrive lawnmower
Roll up, roll up with it. British made: Hayter Spirit 41 petrol autodrive lawnmower

had other less expensive mowers before but this one’s design and operation are far superior… Buy this one and have a smile on your face every time you mow the lawn!’ JOHN 

…the Hayter Spirit 41 Petrol Push Rear-Roller Lawnmower 

‘Very fast service from MowDirect, well packaged, easily put together. Replacing the one I had for 20 years. Fantastic mowers, will not use any other, perfect finish every time.’ MICK

the Hayter Harrier 48 Autodrive Rear-Roller Lawnmower with Variable Speed 

A Rolls Royce for My Lawn‘ started first time and has done every time since…my lawn is already improving following just a few weeks of mowing. A great buy.’R. OVER

or the…Hayter R53S Power-Driven Recycling Lawn Mower VS ES (Sens-A-Speed Transmission) 

Best I Have Owned…The self-propulsion and telescopic handle work really well and make it very easy working on sloping lawns. It cuts the lawn very easily. I am very impressed with the lawnmower and would recommend to others.’ TRACY.

Interestingly enough, the four Hayter mowers I have mentioned here are ALL featured on our Gardening Superstars page. This means they all have 4/5 star reviews and are amongst our most popular and loved machines.

He started it! – Engineer and Inventor Douglas Hayter

Here at MowDirect, we know all about Hayter mowers. This is because we have been proud suppliers of Hayter products for a very long time. We have been to their birthplace in Spellbrook, Hertfordshire, seen these machines being made first hand, got the tee-shirt and can vouch for their quality as well as the quality of the people who put them together.

If you want to know more, here on these pages we can show you ten good reasons to buy a Hayter. 

And if you want to know a little bit more about the history of Hayter, and Douglas Hayter, the ingenious and visionary engineer and builder who started the company, take a look at this article.

or you could go to mowHow and watch this short film to learn more about the Hayter story.

If you need advice regarding a Hayter mower or any other garden machinery, you can always call us o 0345 4588 905 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri & 10am-4pm Sat) and talk to one of our helpful experts. Ther very friendly and will offer impartial advice…

Fantastic delivery and service with knowledgeable support staff. After purchase, I was contacted by the sales team to advise of delivery date and was most surprised to have within two days.. awesome. Also contacted the sales team for advice and they were so knowledgeable of their product. Thank you’ T. SAVAGE (TRUSTPILOT)

In the meantime, let’s all get out and enjoy the spring and, hopefully, you can enjoy your garden.     Drew Hardy.



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