Why Should I Scarify My Lawn? Good Question. Here’s Why.

Ok. First of all, let’s get rid of the big, cold, blowy, highly unseasonal, large, snow coloured pachyderm in the room. I’m talking about the Mini-B from the E that just invaded our spring weekend.  Yes, it turns out the beast from the East had a great big, galumphing, eat-out-your-fridge and never tidy the bedroom, teenage offspring and he came a-calling Saturday and Sunday… OK. So far so ‘what the heck?’

However, looking out of my window at the sky and the clouds today, it feels as if he was never here.

So what’s to do? We all know the grass is definitely growing and Spring, after umming and ahhing, looks as though its ready for a full-on, committed relationship so we need to get to cutting the grass soon. But we’re not talking a trim from the barber here. There is more to lawn care than a quick haircut, blow dry and a chat about where you are going for your holidays this year.

I’m talking scarifying. And if you don’t know what that is, I’ll help you along a bit. Scarifying is a process where you dig into the lawn and pull out thatch and debris, like moss, that can build up under the surface, choking your lawn and taking up valuable space and nutrients.

What is thatch did I hear you say? OK. No. It’s not a snippy, hip new nickname for the inimitable Mrs T, (although if she had got in your lawn and choked it you’d have known about it) but is actually dying and/or dead grass shoots. These shoots die off as part of the natural growing cycle but as the new shoots sprout, the dead ones fall back into the lawn, just beneath the surface.

But, and it’s an important part of the process, they do not rot, due to a polymer which is part of their molecular construction. Subsequently, they stay there and can gradually choke your lawn, shutting off water, food and air supplies and creating havoc under your sward. So take it out. You can take out a lot…

Even on the highest setting, this machine lifted a vast amount of material but without leaving the lawn looking scalped or ripped up. Over 4 lawns I managed to lift 4 one tonne builders bags!!‘ That was a G. Call, posting about the Einhell GC-SC petrol Scarifier. However, generally, whichever machine you use you, will find that there is so much more moss and organic debris in your lawn that you thought possible.

This is why scarifying is helpful.  Once you’ve removed that debris, although your lawn may be left looking rough for a short while, it will soon recover and look much more healthy.  You can read more about what scarifying is our in our Knowledge Base, MowHow  and the article here will tell you when in the year you should be doing it (clue – one of those times is coming up soon!)

A more comprehensive article on whether you need a scarifier can be found here… and if you finally decide you do (and you probably should if you care for your lawn) then you can have a look here at our buying guides  or even take a look at our full equipment guide here which is aimed at new owners but will tell you how to use and look after a petrol powered scarifier to get the best out of it.

And if and when you have looked at all of that, you may well come to the conclusion, as have thousands of our customers (and no I am NOT exaggerating), that the machine that makes the best sense, offers the best features and performance for the best value is our superstar Einhell GC-SC 2240P Petrol Lawn Scarifier.

Mr Dick Roberts yesterday, in his blog, was shouting from the rooftops about this amazing machine yesterday.

And for good reason. The Einhell GC-SC is a true melding of value and quality that, for the not so princely sum of £279.95 including FREE oil and FREE delivery, will change your lawn’s life and fortunes to a degree not seen since Jack sold his cow for some beans and then threw his bag of magic beans out of the kitchen window. And, unlike Jack, you are saving over £200 on the RRP!

But don’t take my word for it…listen to what the hordes of screaming fans said…

‘Brilliant Scarifier! My partner describes this scarifier as the best he has ever owned.‘ R G Angrave

You can’t go wrong. This machine is powerful and effective and at this price, it will pay for itself in two or three uses…It is easy to assemble, starts first time and is reasonably fuel efficient. It was delivered overnight….Delighted with my purchase and I heartily recommend it.’  V. Moore

A terrific machine and great value for money.’ Andy

This is a quality machine. Amazing value to get a petrol driven scarifier of this build and quality at such a reasonable price.’ L. Gilbert

Hugely impressed by this machine. And it’s a bargain!’ Gap

It’s like the days of the Beatles all over again. ‘We love you, Paul. We love you, Einhell’. And there are more like this, getting on for a hundred on our site review pages to be fair. This is one of our superstar machines with almost every review reviews at 4.5/5 star status.

So. Forget all about the Mini-Beast, look forward to your garden being the haven of peace, tranquillity, family moments and last-minute barbecues you know it can be and pay some attention to your lawn.

And if you need help and advice, our friendly team of experts are always ready to help. Call them on 0345 4588 905 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri & 10am-4pm Sat). They know their stuff and they won’t try to ‘sell’ you something you don’t need…

MowDirect sales staff were all great: good no-nonsense, honest advice. I bought their suggested mower – which was, frankly, a bargain. Absolutely cracking bit of kit and first-rate, speedy, polite service. Would happily recommend to anyone.‘ John (TRUSTPILOT)

See? Now, enjoy your garden.     Drew hardy

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