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Well. I’ve not been around much recently having had a little sabbatical. But here I am and just look out of the window. It doesn’t seem like it’s a whole year does it, and yet here it is, Merry Christmas again, the season of goodwill and freezing temperatures, time to ring out those solstice bells, dress up in red velvet and eat, drink and be mer….what? Nearly March? March tomorrow? (today) What are you talking about? Have you looked outside? It’s a winter Olympics wonderland out there. Even in town. I swear I just saw a polar bear wandering into Waitrose.

Ok. So it’s not Christmas. It’s definitely nearly March and that means spring, and that means growing season, and that means grass cutting, and that means lawn mowers.

As our esteemed colleague and amateur sommelier, Dick Roberts pointed out Yesterday in his blog,  once this lot melts the grass will grow even more and it can’t be long before Mr Sun gets up off his li-lo, locates his headgear, puts it on and does a little dance for us.

Windy Winner: Annie cops a Redback Blower

So, to celebrate the coming spring, MowDirect will, as usual, be running a competition on our Facebook page. This is now a spring tradition and, as we did last year, we will be handing out a fabulous prize to the winner.

We have run a number of competitions over the last few years, from our lovely autumn photo competition a couple of years ago, which yielded this fantastic prize-winning picture from prize winner Anni, who won herself a fantastic leaf blower from top cordless brand Redback

Deisel dreams of a Hayter mower… and wins one

Then there was our ‘Show Us Your Stripes’ competition which was also a very successful photo comp, concentrating on the stripes you put on your lawn but also stripes everywhere else, from wallpaper to shadows to stripy cats.

Our lucky winner for that competition was June Grist who won a fantastic quality Hayter Mower with her fabulous photo montage featuring her dog, Deisel.

In fact, we have handed out a number of excellent prizes over the last few years from lawn mowers to blowers and even a case of champagne in one of our newsletter subscriber competitions.

We also ran a competition asking for gardening tips that your Dad gave you, which gave us some great fun and some very good advice, some of it serious, some of it not. Here are a few of our favourite entries from the many great snippets…

One of my favourites, ‘Don’t plant anything you don’t want to look after for years.‘ Good advice and very true.

Then there’s… ‘At the end of the season, clean your tools and lightly oil them so they are in good shape next spring.’ Even better, good tools cost money and you should look after them.

or what about…Don’t stress with weeds. They are only plants growing in the wrong place.’ Nice.

And here is one that got everyone cringing ‘Never carry secateurs in your trouser pocket‘. Nuff said!

Then there was our, ‘provide a caption’ competition which was a phenomenal success and the winner of that took home another Hayter mower, a classic Hayter

A caption comp entrant?

Envoy.  Entrants had to provide a caption for this skeletal photo.

And last year’s competition provided us with a record number of entries as we asked you what would be your first job in the spring garden. The prize this time was a super Mountfield HP180 Petrol Lawnmower.

So what of this year? Well, I can tell you the competition will be starting fairly soon, that we’d love a bumper crop of entries and that we want everyone to get involved and have a chance to win a great prize.

And the prize? Well, a little bird, who just made it through the snow poor thing, tells me it will be a very nice prize. No idea what, but and whatever it is it will be something very desirable.

Unlikely but perhaps it will be a snowblower, I could do with one of those myself today.

If you need one, or a lawn mower, or anything else, visit our product pages or, if you need advice, call us on

0345 4588 905 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri & 10am-4pm Sat) and one of our lovely friendly product people will be very happy to help you.

‘Great advice from the start. Very good service and extremely satisfied with my purchase,I will be back for sure.’ P. Andrews (TRUSTPILOT)

See ya.  Holly.


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