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A couple of weeks ago, the legendary American weather forecasting rodent, known to all as Punxsutawney Phil, came out of his little Groundhog house in Pennsylvania and saw a shadow, predicting another six weeks of cold and misery.

We don’t actually have our own UK groundhog, but if we had, let’s say for the sake of argument, a famous squirrel called Sam who lived in a tiny house in, perhaps, Saffron Waldon, and popped out annually to tell us what the weather is going to do, I am pretty sure he would have said the same.

Basically, spring has been delayed a little. But (and it is a big but, worthy of Sir Mixalot) it is waiting in the wings like a nervous actor, twitching the curtain and going over its lines under its breath. So we still need to get on with planning and preparing for spring growth and if look closely you will see that the grass is definitely growing. So don’t let it grow under your feet.

So what’s to do? Well, at the risk of banging on, as I have mentioned this before, a very important job is checking that your mower is up to taking on the new season.

Turning over the soil – Prepare for the Spring

I won’t go into it now but if you want the best from your mower there are a number of tasks to get on with. Take a look at our detailed article on MowHow, full of information on how to prepare your mower for Spring.  If you follow the tips in the article you’ll do fine.

Other jobs in February? Well, planning your planting and, in fact, even doing a little planting in seed trays and under protection as we move into late February. This article on MowHow has a list of jobs for February including tidying your borders, cleaning up the garden in general and perhaps putting in compost to warm up your soil.

Oleo-Mac mh175rk front tine tiller
BARGAIN: Oleo-Mac mh175rk front tine tiller with REVERSE DRIVE

If you have yet to prepare your flower or garden beds, it is time to do this and get that soil ready for planting. We have a few useful articles on this task. here you will find one on methods of digging and turning your soil over and this article is full of tips and advice on how to get going if you are planning on starting a vegetable garden from scratch. 

If you are planning to do this by hand, you need a good spade. if you are planning to do this with a mechanical tiller, here are some articles on what you need to know before you start  and if you are thinking of getting a mechanical tiller for the first time, here is are a series of buyers guide articles referring to mechanical cultivators. And while we are on that subject, this petrol powered tiller, the Oleo-Mac MH175RK Front-Tine Tiller with Reverse Drive an absolute bargain and has become very popular. 

It is on special offer at a saving of £200 on the RRP at only £399 including FREE oil and FREE delivery and this is what a collection of our customers have to say about it.

Great machine…very easy to use’, ‘…started with second pull from new…great value for the money’ ‘Quality Product…well built, starts first time…has a smooth and powerful engine’  ‘robust…value for money’  ‘I am very impressed.’  ‘ fantastic machine’  ‘Great bit of kit’.

And don’t forget to cover your soil when you have turned it over and prepared it, use some kind of mulch to do this.

So that, for the moment is that. If you decide to visit MowHow, our knowledge base, you will find it full of interesting and useful articles on all aspects of gardening and garden machinery. We built it for you so do give it a go.

And if you don’t find what you are looking for in MowHow or on our product pages or just need more help and advice on any garden machinery, do call us on 0345 4588 905 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri & 10am-4pm Sat) and one of our friendly product experts will be very happy to help you.

‘MowDirect customer service second to none, advice and service both excellent.‘ ROB

Enjoy your garden.    Drew Hardy


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