Special deals on Lawnflite mowers – the price is going up next month

Lawnflite makes excellent mowers and garden tractors and here’s your chance to take advantage of some special low prices before increases in March.

Once the warmer weather arrives in the next few weeks the grass will start growing rapidly thanks to all the recent rains, so now’s the time to prepare.

First, have a look at this one, the Lawnflite 19SPW 4-in-1 Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower, a machine exclusive to MowDirect.

Lawnmower 19SPW Lawnmower
Versatile mower: Lawnflite 19SPW Lawnmower

This has a 135cc engine with a throttle control so you can increase the revs where necessary and it has eight cutting heights from 25mm to 65mm.

The cutting width is 48cm making it suitable for lawns up to 1500m2.

The cut grass can be either discharged to the back or side, useful when cutting paths or small orchards or paddocks, or can be collected in the 60 litre grass box or mulched when conditions allow.

The grass box has an indicator so you can see when it is full.

The handlebar can be adjusted to suite the height of the operator and folded down to make it easier to store.

In our sale it costs £229, £50 off the recommended price but this will increase at the end of the month by around £50.

It has a two-year warranty and is delivered FREE of charge within seven days.

The next once makes starting much easier, no tugging on a recoil rope.

Lawnflite 21 SPW ES lawnmower
Electric start: Lawnflite 21 SPW ES lawnmower

The Lawnflite 21 SPW-ES 4-in-1 Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower with Electric Start, another exclusive, has a 173cc Lawnflite engine and is solidly built with a steel cutting deck and again offers side and rear discharge, mulching and grass collection.

It has been designed with lawns around 1800m2 in mind and has a cutting width of 52.5cm and a 60-litre grass box with an indicator to show when it is full. And there are eight cutting heights.

This one costs £299, £50off the recommended price and has a two-year warranty with FREE delivery within seven days and FREE oil.

And this is the one you want if you prefer a lawn with a neat, striped finish.

The Lawnflite 20SPR-ES Self-Propelled Petrol Rear-Roller Lawnmower with Electric Start has a 173cc engine, again with an electric start.

This type of mower lets you cut close to the edges borders and paths without the risk of it toppling into the plants.

It has a 60-litre grass box with an indicator to show when you need to empty it and seven cutting heights right down to a very short 17mm to leave the close-cropped finish that many people prefer.

Lawnflte 20 lawnmower
Striped finish: Lawnflite 20SPR Lawnmower

Recommended for lawns up to around 1200m2 it is another exclusive machine to MowDirect which will increase in price at the end of the month.

Until then, it costs £379, £70 less than the recommended price and it delivered FREE within seven days with a two-year warranty.

And if you have a much larger lawn, don’t worry, you’ve not been forgotten.

The Lawnflite 603 XT-S Lawn Tractor can handle areas around 4000m2 and is a best-seller with a 420cc MTD engine and is a brilliant collector of wet grass.

It achieves this thanks to a built-in deck fan to force the cut grass into the collector, this avoiding ugly clumps of grass which need to be picked up later.

On longer grass you can discharge to the back and here again the deck fan comes in handy when it is damp.

It is comfortable to drive and has a turning radius of 46cm and an adjustable seat and a pair of headlights for working in the gloom.

This one costs £1559, £130 off the recommended price, but again this will rise at the end of the month.

MowDirect is Britain’s leading garden machinery store and you can see our full listings on these pages.

And please give us a ring on 03454 588905 if you are unsure which piece of equipment is right for your garden – we are here from 9am-5pm Mon-Fri and 10am-4pm Sat to help you make the right decision. Our team are renowned for their expertise and friendliness.

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