Groundbreaking Lawn Tractor Powered By The Latest Battery Technology

The revolution in small hand-held gardening machinery like hedge clippers and strimmers is continuing apace and now even larger devices are powered by lithium-ion batteries.

Chainsaws and lawnmowers are now available with these latest batteries providing power equal to petrol engines – indeed we have helped to develop the Redback equipment, you can see the range on these pages.

Stiga E-Park Electric Ride-on
Battery-powered ride-on: Stiga E-Park Electric Ride-on

They have many advantages – they are lighter, they start at the bush of a button, there are no smelly exhaust fumes and there is no need to rush to the petrol station for more fuel.

Now there is a ride-on mower powered by batteries capable of tackling areas around 8000m2, almost two acres, and in comparative silence.

From a leading Swedish engineering company, the Stiga E-Park 220 Electric Ride-On Lawnmower has an impressive spec with 1.7Kw engine, a speed of around 9Km/h and it can be recharged in four hours.

The cutting width is 95cm and there are 10 cutting heights from 25mm to 85mm.

Twin blades give a great finish when used as a mulching mower – as you would probably do on large areas of grass – and where finish is not so important, cut grass can be discharged at the back

As the cutting deck is at the front it is very easy to navigate the machine in restricted areas and the cutting deck simply flips up for maintenance and cleaning without the need for tools.

The foot pedal regulates the speed precisely and a spinner on the steering wheel makes turning sharp corners very easy.

It has cruise control to make life easier and has a colour display so you can keep any eye on the machine’s performance.

Lawn tractors are very versatile machines and this one has a tow hitch so you can use all sorts of other equipment like fertilizer spreaders, aerators and leaf sweepers.

With the milder weather the grass has started growing again, albeit slowly, and now is a good time to prepare for the Spring flush – it won’t be that long before the first cut.

And if you have an area of grass to trim which is around two acres and need a new machine, you should consider this latest one, more friendly to the environment while being versatile and much easier to use.

It costs £6999, £400 less than the recommended price and we deliver it FREE within five to seven working days with a three-year warranty.

If you would like more details on this innovative machine, please give us a ring on 03454 588905.

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