Make Your Mind Up Winter. We’re Trying to Prune Here

So yet again another Winter rolls around like a hog in a mud bath and as I look from my condensation soaked window I see no cheery scenes as from a Dickensian Christmas card, no jolly toboggans, no cheerful snowmen, no happy snowball fights…but then why would I? There’s no snow!

It’s a funny old winter this one. It seems to go from the kind of depressing, debilitating grey that makes you want to stay in bed with a supply of chocolate and one of the the jolliest books you can find (anything by P.G.Wodehouse, trust me) or to a kind of sunny winter wonderland, the wonder being whether it’s cold as a polar bear’s bottom outside or weirdly mild.

Winter must be a male as it seems to find it hard to commit. Make your mind up winter. Make a decision.

Of course this means that when I go out in the garden (and I have, honest) I never know what to wear. No sooner do I slip on my rugged waterproof fleecy lined coat and my ubiquitous burgundy woolly tights than the weather decides to warm up. So i change and remove a couple of layers only to find myself shivering on the lawn like a terrified jelly.

However, what’s to do? Well, Brody has been round to do some pruning for me since, as I referred to last week, it’s a good time to cut back your apple and pear trees and give them some growing space. Basically you have until early March when buds might start showing but. lets be honest, these days you never know when Spring will come running in like a late child for registration and make things difficult so you might as well get it done now while Winter is still esconced in your garden like a visitor that just won’t leave.

We had a good go at my beds too, clearing up twigs, leaves and all sorts of detritus. I even, miraculously, found one of my Cloisonné earrings, lost in a champagne fuelled romantic tussle with a tall, Hungarian sculptor I fell in with over the Summer. But that’s another story.

Brody recently purchased a handy pole pruner for reaching the tops of trees that need a snip and was extolling its virtues while pointing out the advantages of not having to use a ladder (basically, not falling off and injuring yourself, fair enough).

Strong, practical and easy to use. Wilkinson Sword Pruner

So we…he…had a good go at my apple tree and I helped out (well, I did some of the lower branches with my Wilkinson Sword pruner  my typically practical Christmas present from my friend Richard,  strong, solid and easy to handle…and I am talking about the pruner here), I also  made some tea, stumped about in the cold and shouted encouraging things at Brody like ‘You missed a twig there’).

Meanwhile, as ever, the weather was just not making up it’s mind and I took my gloves off twice only to replace them when the odd icy blast suddenly turned them into perfectly manicured icicles.

As you know I don’t generally do ‘gear’ stuff on my blog but this practical and safe tool warrants a bit of Holly love. It’s a model that we sell, the very handy indeed Redback

Customers are liking it loads. one chap said…’Super Engineered Product. This is a quality pole pruner that is well designed and well balanced making it easy to use.The head rotates through 90 degrees so you always have the chain in the right position. Another first class product from MowDirect.’ D.OXLEY.

Tip-Top Pruner. Redback E608DQ-2Ah Cordless Pole-Pruner (Special Offer)

Well you can’t say fairer than that can you?

That was the tool only, but with this SPECIAL OFFER, it’s only £229.00 instead of the RRP of £369 and that includes a fast charging 40v battery, a fast charger and a special power belt that takes even more weight off it. Plus FREE delivery.

So, anyway. Brody loves it and subsequently the job didn’t really take much time at all and now my lovely’ Chivers Delight’ tree (even better than Cox’s) is all ready for the coming season. Hoorah.

So there we go. Short and sweet this week (actually I’m not that short) but I have just seen some rays of sunshine come peeping over the hedge in the garden and I am going to risk a trip outside to the shop to buy a newspaper, maybe even a bar of dark chocolate…you never know when the grey will come back.

Don’t forget if you need advice on pole pruners or anything else, just pick up the ‘phone and call our lovely boys and girls on 0345 4588 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri & 10am-4pm Sat). They will help all they can, and that’s a lot..

First rate staff who are very helpful and reliable. Refreshing to buy from a company with staff that care about their customers and do all they can to help. Outstanding, in my experience. Thank you MowDirect!‘ D. BLEASE

See ya.    Holly.

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