Two handy little devices to keep the home fires burning

Most parts of the country will have experienced a few bitter late afternoons when the there is little heat in an early-setting sun.

This is the time of year that heating oil companies love and the rest us hate as the thermostat has to turned up most evenings to the sound of emptying wallets.

For those of you with an open fire or wood burning stove life not need be so challenging as we can always burn logs, but the once well-stocked wood shed is starting to look a bit bare.

So now’s the time to saw up and split the old branches and trunks at the end of the garden to keep the home fire burning.

Here are a couple of neat pieces of garden machinery which can make the job much easier.

Redack Cordless Chainsaw
Light and powerful: Redback E162C Cordless Chainsaw

First is the Redback E216C Cordless Chainsaw (Tool Only), from a range we helped to develop to take advantage of lithium-ion batteries

This saw uses high-quality Japanese cells and we recommend it is used with either 4Ah or 6Ah batteries.

These batteries hold their charge when not in use and can be re-charged much more quickly than the old lead-acid ones.

This saw has a 40cm cutter bar and is ideal for cutting logs and small trunks and is one of the safest available with dual action chain brake and it has automatic chain lubrication.

With a three-year warranty it is delivered FREE the next working day following receipt of your order and costs £179, saving £70 on the list price.Works a Treat

And is it effective? Well, as one customer wrote ‘Works a Treat. It went through a 6″ fence post like the proverbial knife through butter. Very pleased.’ 

A selection of batteries is available,  the 40Ah one costs £119, but remember this will fit the many other machines in the range. A quick charger will cost £49 and a power belt to hold the battery with this machine is £29. This belt makes the saw even lighter and easier top use.

See these pages for other equipment from Redback, a real alternative to petrol engines, lighter and more friendly to the environment.

When it comes to splitting the logs this little machine will do the trick for you, the Mitox LS40 Electric Log-Splitter.

Mitox LS40 log splitter
Great splitter: Mitox LS40 Log Splitter

This works by forcing logs against a splitting wedge and has a 1500W electric motor to produce four tons of splitting pressure, enough for everything except to the most  twisted hard wood.

It can deal with logs up to 37cm and has been designed to be fast to operate with a return control valve to position the ram for the next log.

It has five metres of mains cable and an optional stand is available so you don’t have to bend to use it.

It is priced at £199, £50 less than the recommended price and has a three-year warranty with FREE delivery the next working day.

And it’s a popular machine, described by one customer as.. a ‘ Great product for an amazing price. Well built, robust product which has reduced a great pile of tree rounds to logs in a few hours. Highly recommended.‘ J

Our full list of log splitters can be seen here and chainsaws are here.

And please ring us on 03454 588905 if you would like our advice before buying or more information on any of the products on our site.


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