How to survive the winter storms – here are ten great pieces of kit to see you through the worst

As soon as one storm with an appealing name blows itself out, another comes whistling in felling trees, leaving roads flooded and gardens looking a mess.

Fallen trees need to be cut up and moved and the debris left behind needs clearing away.

That’s always presuming that the house is not flooded and we can get out through the snow and ice.

To help you get through the stormy weather, here are ten top pieces of equipment to ease the strain of clearing up the debris.

Oleo-Mac 350 chainsaw
Free starter kit: Oleo-Mac 350 chainsaw

In some areas of the country, fallen trees have made drives and paths impassable and to cut them up to more manageable pieces this chainsaw will make life easier.

New and exclusive to MowDirect, the Oleo-Mac GS-350 Pro Petrol Chainsaw with Free Starter-Pack is ideal for cutting fallen branches and taking back overhanging branches.

It is safe and easy to use, an ideal starter chainsaw if you’ve not used one before and come with a free starter pack of safety equipment.

Ideal for cutting up logs for making firewood and the pruning and limbing of small- to medium-sized branches, the Oleo-Mac GS-350 Universal Petrol Chainsaw is designed for the serious home-user and has some highly useful features and functions built-in to make operation and maintenance remarkably simple and safe. And it comes with a comprehensive package of maintenance- and safety-accessories, all included.

It even has instructions for use printed on the body of the machine.

A 38.9cc engine is easy to start and produces 2hp and it has transparent tanks to show fuel and chain oil levels.

Vibration levels are supressed by dampers and rubber stops to make it comfortable to use.

It is clean running with low emission figures and weighs 4.4kg.

The free accessories include a safety helmet with visor and ear defenders and chainsaw gloves and there is also free engine and chain oil in the package plus a mixing bottle.

The cost is just £195, a useful reduction on the recommended price of £289.95 and we deliver it FREE the next working day with a five-year warranty and FREE oil.

If you have trees in your garden it’s likely that many will have lost small branches or that others need cutting back and this lightweight pruner is easy to use and has the advantage in that it is battery powered.

Redback cordless pole pruner
At the cutting hedge: Redback E608D Cordless Pole Pruner power

The Redback E608DQ-2Ah Cordless Pole-Pruner  is from a UK company and uses Japanese battery technology to give a powerful machine which is fast to re-charge.

This pruner has extension shafts which can be extended to three metres. And with a person of average height using it that means you can reach to 4.75 metres.

A shoulder harness makes it comfortable to use and it has a 20cm cutting bar which has an automatic oil system.

Included in the price are the poll pruner, a lithium-ion battery, charger and a battery belt.

The package costs £229 compared with the recommended total price of £396 and it is delivered FREE the next working day with a three-year warranty. 

And the battery fits other equipment in the Redback range. Our customers are really getting behind Redback with it’s great build, convenience, clean operation, petrol-free power and weight, saying things like… ‘Super Engineered Product. This is a quality pole pruner that is well designed and well balanced making it easy to use. The head rotates through 90 degrees so you always have the chain in the right position.Another first class product from MowDirect.’

Once you’ve cut up the branches and trees you will want to prepare them for the fire and the Mitox LS65X Multisplit Electric Log-Splitter is just the job for this.

This company makes excellent equipment and this model uses a Multisplit system so the log can be split from four ways and has brilliant a return control on the hydraulic ram.

Mitox LS65 Log Splitter
Easy to use: Mitox LS65 Log Splitter

The hydraulic power comes from a 2200W electric motor which produces 6.5 tons of pressure, enough to deal with twisted, dense woods up to 52cm long.

It is mounted on a stand making it comfortable to use and it is mounted on wheels and has a handle so it is easy to move about – it has five metres of power cable.

With a three-year warranty it costs £269, £80 less than the recommended price and is delivered FREE the next working day.

I must have split 2-3 hrs worth of chopping wood in about half an hour!’ writes one customer in his review.

The gales have probably left loads of debris and this machine, the DR PREMIER 9.5 Petrol Chipper-Shredder – Recoil Start (DRVT50) will turn it into a useful mulch for using around the roots of perennials, digging into the vegetable garden or flower beds or piling on the compost heap to rot down for later use.

A special knife chips down branches up to 7.5cm thick and the machine is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 208cc engine.

DR Premier Chipper Shredder
Chips with everything: DR Premier Chipper Shredder

This is a real workhorse which employs a mechanical governor to bring in extra power when it needs it.

It sits on wide pneumatic tyres and is easily moved around with well-placed handles.

And it has a 90-litre bag for the debris.

It costs £999, £200 off the recommended price and has a two-year warranty. Delivery is FREE and within two to three working days and FREE oil is included. 

When it comes to cleaning debris from gardens this machine will make the jobs lots easier than  toiling with a garden rake.

The Weibang Intrepid LV800 Wheeled Leaf & Litter Vacuum with Hose Kit is self-propelled and can handle garden slopes and rough ground with power from a 163cc Loncin engine.

Large wheels and pneumatic tyres five loads of grip and its front wheel mounted on a castor mean you can manoeuvre very precisely.

Weibang leaf and litter vacuum
Simple sweeping: Weibang Inteprid LV 800 leaf and liter vacuum

The working width is 80cm and it has a 240-litre catcher for the rubbish and a hose which makes it simple to clean along steps and the edges of sheds and even flower beds.

Delivery is FREE within two to three working days and it has a two-year warranty. And it costs £1499.

If you have been unfortunate enough to have buildings flooded the Loncin LC80WB30-4.5Q 3″ Petrol Powered Dirty-Water Pump could be the answer.

It will handle water contaminated by sludge, inevitable if ditches have been overflowing, and can shift 45,000 litres an hour with its 196cc engine. A steel frame protects the engine and pump and yet it is light for its power as it made from aluminium alloy which also resists corrosion.

Loncin LC80WB0 dirty water pump
Dirty stuff: Loncin LCV80WB30 dirty water pump

A double impellor provides the pumping power, again made from aluminium alloy.

This pump costs £359 compared with the recommended price of £429.99 and it is delivered FREE of charge the next day with a two-year warranty.

Once the debris has been cleared, sawn and shredded you’ll probably need this machine to wash away the mud.

New for 2018, the Briggs & Stratton 2500 Petrol Pressure-Washer gives about 75 times the force of a garden hose and will soon clear the muck and grime from patios, drives and decking.

A 190cc Briggs & Stratton engine is easy to start as it has been designed with automatic decompression and starts first time.

As it is mounted on a trolley it can be wheeled to wherever it is needed with minimum effort.

The nozzle has four spray tips and it is provided with nine metres of hose. And you also get a maintenance kit and free safety goggles.

The price is £399, £30 less than the recommended figure and there is a two-year warranty and FREE delivery the next working day with FREE oil. 

Another piece of equipment which could well prove useful over the next few months is this, the Loncin LC3500I Inverter Generator.

Loncin 3500i generator
Power providor: Loncin 3500i generator

It has a 212cc engine and a 10-litre fuel tank to give seven hours of running.

It has been designed with a microprocessor to give smooth power output so that it can be used to run televisions and radios and a DC outlet means it can also charge laptops and mobile phones.

It is very quiet running and is ideal for outdoor events like festivals and fairs and can be used for out-buildings, but check the wattage first.

Transport wheels and a handle mean it is easy to move around.

It costs £999, £300 less than the recommended price and has a two-year warranty and FREE next working day delivery.

We’ve probably not seen the last of the snow and ice and this package you can be you working when others are forced to shut up shop.

Our Winter Snow & Ice Treatment Package has 10 bags of LNT Magic Ice-Melt and a wide Garant snow shovel.

snow and ice treatment package
Keep it safe: snow and ice treatment package

Plus there is an Agri-Fab spreader with a three-metre wide spread so you can cover large areas like car parks, industrial estates and shopping precincts very quickly to stop vans and cars and people from sliding around.

This spread can hold 38.5kg and is corrosion resistant and has large pneumatic tyres to give excellent grip.

The ice melt is free flowing and used in airports and has six to ten times the coverage of rock salt with none of the risks of corrosion – it won’t harm pets or plants.

The package includes two giant snow shovels and with the ten bags supplied you can cover 2000m2.

Extra bags are available at special prices.

The whole package costs £299, a saving of £70 and we deliver it FREE within two to three working days.

Artik 56 snow blower
Dual power: Oleo-Mac Artik 56 Snow Blower

And finally, a brilliant machine for clearing snow from long drives and car parks where business have to keep going to matter what.

The Oleo-Mac Artik 56 EL Dual-Stage Snow Blower (Electric Start) is made it Italy and has a special engine from Loncin made to withstand bitter temperatures and which has an electric start.

This is a two-stage system with blades with vicious teeth to drag the snow and ice into the body of the machine before it is thrown up to 15 metres clear.

The exit chute can be adjusted both for direction and height.

The engine has five forward and two reverse gears and there are special Snow Hog tyres for great grip in even the worst of weathers.

Sliders at the front let the machine slide along the ground and protect the surface and the turbine.

It is delivered free within two to three working days and has a five-year warranty and costs £599, a massive saving of £100 on the recommended price.

These are just ten machines we thought you would find useful at the moment as the gales run in from the Atlantic.

We just have to get our heads down and get on with life at the moment but Spring won’t be that far off and it will pay you to have a browse through our sales pages in preparation.

Here you’ll find all manner of garden machinery but especially top lawnmowers from the country’s leading companies at very special prices.

If you need a new mower, now’s the time to buy and avoid price increases which are on the way.

And if you’d like to talk to us about any of the equipment we’ve mentioned please give us a ring on 03454 588905. We’re here during normal office hours and our service is highly valued, just ask our customers…

A highly trustworthy company – excellent products at very reasonable prices. First rate staff who are very helpful and reliable. Refreshing to buy from a company with staff that care about their customers and do all they can to help. Outstanding, in my experience. Thank you MowDirect!

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