Christmas Is Over But The Sale Is Still On. Just. Great Deals Including Super Oleo-Mac. Hurry

OK crop pickers. Listen up as I don’t have a lot of time. What do you mean why? OK. Since you ask…

I have to take down the tree, put away all the decorations, bathe the dog after the gravy incident, clean up after the botched clean up after the useless tidy up after the New Year party (don’t ask) not to mention exchanging the appalling reindeer themed acrylic sweater my Aunty Mabel (yes really) bought for me (yes really again) before it comes to life and takes over the household.

To be honest I’ll be lucky if the shop takes it back. I wouldn’t, it’s horrible. And I think the dog may have thrown up a bit of gravy on it, although to me that would actually improve the design.

What was Mabel thinking? I mean really, who buys people Christmas jumpers for Christmas? It’s out of date the next day. It’s a one trick pony…or reindeer. And how old does she think I am?

Anyroad up. Enough moaning. It’s still Panto season and OUR FANTASTIC PRE-SEASON SALE FINISHES TOMORROW. (“OH NO IT DOESN’T…OH YES IT DOES”) So NOW is the time to grab those bargains before those deals are BEHIND YOU.

Or before all the manufacturers wake up after their own shame filled parties and put up the prices in 2018.

We have great, unbeatable deals on Brushcutters, Ride-on mowers and lawn tractors, Log-Splitters, chainsaws and a variety of quality lawn mowers.

Superstar Value: Oleo-Mac G48-TK Comfort Plus

Lawn mowers like the increasingly popular Oleo-Ma G48-TK Comfort-Plus Petrol Self-Propelled Lawn Mower, one of our MowDirect Superstars and a hit with so many customers

‘Brilliant 18 Inch Mower at Affordable Price.’

‘Good build quality and excellent features.’

‘Superb Quality Mower at Such a Low Price.’

Low price? I should say so.

And I can’t leave without mentioning this amazing lawn tractor deal. The Oleo-Mac OM125-23KH Garden Tractor With Electronic Grassbag Emptying is a superb, robustly built tractor with features I warrant you are unlikely to find on any other tractor in this price range.

The electronic grassbag emptying to start with plus an adjustable seat, sports-style steering-wheel and low-vibration frame as well as a front bumper a tow-hitch for all year round use anda Premium V-Twin OHV engine from Briggs & Stratton. And there’s more but I haven’t time. See it for yourself. 

This amazing workhorse tractor costs just £3,699.00. Saving you a humungous £1600... enough to buy a whole other tractor!

Massive Deal: Oleo-Mac OM125-23KH Garden Tractor

All of this and more plus FREE delivery, FREE oil with all petrol machines and the kind of tip-top, tonking service that makes customers on TrustPilot say things like…

“A++ for awesome.” or ‘First rate staff who are very helpful and reliable…outstanding’ or even ‘Top class service with top class products’

and you can’t say fairer than that. Right?

So. Do you know what? The hell with the tidying, bathing and clearing up. I’m off to the sales, before it’s too late.

And don’t forget the growing season will be here before you know it, with the first cut of the season just down the road so get stocked up now while prices are low!

And if you need help or advice, just call our jolly friendly, helpful team on 0345 4588 905  (9am-5pm mon-fir & 10am-4pm Sat) 

And how do I know they are helpful and friendly? You told me…

Excellent customer service. The ladies I spoke to were very friendly and helpful. Product arrived on time.’

So enjoy your garden… it won’t be long.     Drew Hardy

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