Don’t just sit there, get out into the garden

Well that’s that for another year.

We hope you had a thoroughly enjoyable Christmas and if you did you probably need a walk in the countryside or a few hours in the garden to blow away the excesses.

You can always spend time turning the compost heap, or cutting down some of the perennials which escaped the pruning shears in the autumn.

And as long as the ground is frost free, now is an excellent time to plant bare root roses.

Einhell GH-BC brushcutter
Top value: Einhell GH-BC petrol brushcutter

And those rough corners of the garden which are often neglected could do with a tidy before Spring growth makes them even more impenetrable.

This neat little tool in our end of year sale, the Einhell GH-BC 43AS Brushcutter is from a top German manufacturer and will hack through banks of brambles easily thanks to a 42.7cc engine.

Use the ‘Chopper’ style handlebars to sweep from side to side and you’ll be amazed how easily and quickly you can clear large areas.

In our sale it’s only £99.95 and we’ll deliver it to your door for free when we’re back from the end of year break on Tuesday 2nd January so you’ll receive it on January 3rd or very soon after.

Have a look at our sale pages, there’s every sort of garden equipment there from lawnmowers and garden tractors to hedgetrimmers and even a snowblower.

And from all the gang at Mowdirect, have a very Happy New Year.




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