Twas The Day After Christmas – Our Pre-Season Day Sale

Boxing Day? It can be a bit dull I think. So in a jolly attempt to cheer it all up an bit, I’ve decided to promote our SALE. It’s more stuffed with bargains than your turkey was stuffed with…er…stuffing, and as glittery and exciting as the showiest Christmas tree ever. And how do I tell you about it? Well, I’ve done it before but I think there’s always room for another loose parody of the famous The Night Before Christmas.

This classic was first published in December 1823 in New York and has become a staple of Christmas fans everywhere. Getting the names of the all reindeer is firmly ensconced as a Christmas quiz classic (and no; Rudolph is not there).

So here goes. My take on this old standard, attributed to to two writers, Clement Clarke Moore and Henry Livingston Jr. Thank you both, whoever actually wrote it.


The Day After Christmas

Twas the day after Christmas and everyone slept

Artik 52 snow blower
COOL DEAL: Oleo-Mac Artik 52 single stage snow blower

So into my study I silently crept

To switch on my laptop, and go to a site

That filled Boxing Day with a shopper’s delight


MowDirect was the site and the SALE was on

Full of bright shiny deals that quite soon would be gone

Last Chances for discounts on wonderful items

A list that goes on and on ad infinitem


Such wonders, such bargains, such products, such deals

They have snow blowers, lawnmowers, one with three wheels

All shimmering, gleaming and all at great prices

From big chunky tractors to smaller devices


There’s the Einhell GC-PT Petrol Grass strimmer

Great value‘ one buyer said, beats my old strimmer

Or a fab Hayter Osprey, for truly crisp mowing

Its livery green and its quality showing.


Hayter Harrier 56
Rolls Royce of Mowers: Hayter Harrier 56 Autodrive E/S Variable-Speed Rear-Roller Lawnmower

There’s a blower for throwing the snow in the air

And a great Mountfield tractor deal, look if you dare

There are several Hayters, The ‘Rolls Royce of Mowers’

Said one customer. Their standard just never lowers.


I perused all the products for a next season mower

at really great price price, that for now would be lower

and finally chose one in orange and black

A fabulous Comfort-Plus Oleo Mac



I’m sorted, I’m happy, I’m over the moon

So bring on next season, I hope it’s warm soon

‘cos this superstar mower is going to be great

All the customers say it, I can hardly wait.


But there’s still time to grab a great deal if you hurry

Just forget the footie  and your turkey curry

Go visit the site where the deals are a must

MowDirect is the place with the names you can trust


Come Mountfield, come Lawnflite, come Hayter so chic

The Morrison Oxford – Sporty and Sleek

Come Morrison Mowers all sporty and sleek

Come Oleo-Mac and Tanaka. All hail

The splendour of MowDirect’s Pre Season Sale


We’re back on the 2nd!  Have  a GREAT New Year. Enjoy!  See ya.  Holly.




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