Ho! Ho! Ho! Take advantage of our last chance Christmas deals

We have had some unbeatable garden machinery bargains recently and this is your last chance to take advantage of these.

Whether it’s a late Christmas present or planning ahead for the Spring, now’s the time to buy as some of these essentials for the gardener will be increasing in price next year.

So have a look at these, bag a bargain and get ready for Spring.

After all we’re past the winter solstice, the days are getting gradually longer and the sap will soon start rising.

Einhell GH-BC brushcutter
Top value: Einhell GH-BC petrol brushcutter

And remember even in the bleakest days there’s work to do in the garden like digging the vegetable plot or planting new roses for next summer.

First of our great garden bargains is the Einhell GH-BC 43AS Brushcutter from a top Germann manufacturer.

This machine will hack through dense banks of nettles and thick weeds and can cut through established brambles.

A 42.7hp engine drives a metal cutting blade with three teeth to do the hard work and starts up very easily with an automatic choke..

Adjustable chopper style handles make it easy to cut large areas with a sweeping motion.

And it also has a strimming head with automatic line feed to keeping lawn and path edges neat and tidy.

It has a centrifugal clutch to stop the blade when the engine is idling and a split shaft to make it easy to story and transport.

Powerful, Robust and Easy To Use’ was one customer’s comment.

Delivered FREE the next working day, it costs only £99.95 compared with the recommended £299.95 and has a two-year warranty.

This hedgetrimmer is a from a company whose equipment is sturdy and strong and often used by professionals.

Tanaka hedge trimmer
Low emissions: TCH22 EA Tanaka hedge trimmer

The Tanaka TCH22E-BP2 (62) Petrol Hedgetrimmer has a 21.1PureFire engine designed to give bags of power and uses little fuel while limiting emissions.

And it’s quieter than many similar machines on the market.

It takes little effort to fire it up and 62cm double-reciprocating blades with a 35mm tooth pitch so it can cut through thicker stems without chewing them and leaving an ugly appearance.

The back handle twists through 180 degrees so you can tackle odd-shapes and hedge sides with ease – and it also easier for left-handers to use.

A Great Piece of Kit’ said one customer.

Delivered FREE the next working day it costs £219, £130 off the recommended price and it has a five year warranty and comes with FREE oil.

Now we’ll look at a few mowers which we have selected as they are great money for money, especially this one, the Oleo-Mac G48-TK Comfort-Plus Petrol Self-Propelled Lawn Mower.

Made with lawns around 800m2 in mind this machine is from a leading European manufacturer based in Italy and is powered by an Emak 140cc engine.

Little Cracker: Oleo-Mac G48-TK Comfort Plus

It has a cutting width of 60cm and a grass box which holds 60 litres and trundles along at a comfortable 3.6kmh.

Cutting heights are from 28mm to 75mm and this is a popular, tried and trusted mower, one of our MowDirect Superstars  with a string of favourable comments like ‘Brilliant 18 Inch Mower at Affordable Price‘ and ‘Five-Star Product.’

It costs £219.95, a whopping £130 below the listed price and has a five-year warranty and free next working day delivery. FREE oil is also included. 

This next one is exclusive to us at MowDirect and is the machine you want if you have a lawn with trees and ornaments which you need to cut round.

The Einhell LE-PM 51S HWT Comfort-Turn Lawnmower has a front castor wheel so you can be very precise when turning tight corners.

It also means it is very to turn at the end of rows with have to life it round or scuffing the lawn.

As well as collecting the cut grass and mulching it you can also discharge to the side and back.

Einhell LE-PM lawnmower
Tight turns: Einhell LE-PM Comfort Turn Lawnmower

A 196cc engine provides 3.75hp and keeps noised and emissions down while being mean on fuel.

The cutting width id 51cm and it is suitable for lawns up to 1400m2,

It costs £229, saving a massive £270 on the recommended price and is delivered FREE the next working day with a two-year warranty.

Now a classis mower from a  well-loved British company.

The Hayter Osprey 46 Push 3-in-1 Lawnmower (Code: 610A) has a Briggs & Stratton 125cc engine giving easy staring and fuel economy while keep vibrations to a minimum.

With a cutting width of 46cm it is suitable for lawns around 800m2 and it has cutting heights from 25mm to 70mm.

The grass box holds 55 litres and it has a strong steel chassis.

Hayter Osprey
Real quality: Hayter Osprey 46 lawnmower


The price for this one is £249, £50 off the recommended price and it has FREE delivery and a two-year warranty.

Back to reality, as we are in the depths of winter even though the days are lengthening.

So when the wind goes round to the north and east again, this machine could well get you out of a jam.

Another from Oleo-Mac, this one is designed for the worst of conditions, the Oleo-Mac Artik 52 Single-Stage Petrol Snow Blower (Special Offer) keeps drives and paths clear when others are stuck and left sliding around.

artik 52 snow blower
Snow blaster: Artik 52 snow blower

Snow is dragged into the front chute before being propelled up to eight metres away. The direction is adjustable both in height and direction.

As this machine is hand propelled it is easy to follow paths and drives.

A 163cc Emak engine blasts the snow clear via an impeller, saving hours of back-breaking work with a shovel.

It is priced at £349, £150 less than the price recommended and is delivered FREE OF CHARGE with a five-year warranty.

That’s enough of winter, let’s get back to thoughts of summer and here’s a mower for large lawns, one which professional gardeners chose for their clients who have large lawns where a neat, striped finish is in order.

The Hayter Harrier 56 Pro Autodrive Rear-Roller Lawn Mower (Code: 566) is a top quality mower for professionals and keen amateurs who want a lawn with a perfect finish.

A 190cc Briggs & Stratton engine is designed for intensive work and has a friction disc to stop the crank from bending should it hit something really solid.

Hayter Harrier56Pro Power lawnmower
Largest gardens: Hayter Harrier Professional Mower Code 566

It has a split rear roller to give the striped finish and stability so you can mow right to the edges without fear of it toppling over.

Designed for areas around 2000m2 it has cutting heights from 30mm to 60mm and a cutting width of 56cm, one of the widest you can find.

The grass box holds 70 litres and it has an aluminium cutting deck to resist corrosion and give it a long working life.

It is delivered FREE, normally within two to three working days and costs £1049 , a useful reduction on the recommended price of £1299. There is a one-year commercial use warranty.

This is a really sturdy mower made in New Zealand.

The Morrison Oxford 48RS Self-Propelled Petrol Roller Lawnmower has an aluminium cutting deck which has a warranty of 15 years and is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 163cc engine which is decompressed to start and is designed so there is no need to choke or prime.

It has a steel rear roller for a striped finish and will cut right down to 10mm.

Built for lawns around 100m2 in mind it has a cutting width of 46cm. ‘Good Design and Engineering’ said one recent customer.

It costs £449 against the recommended price of £799 and has a five year warranty with FREE next working day delivery.

Lawnflite 703 Lawn Tractor
Star performer: Lawnflite 703 XT-S Lawn Tractor

Finally a couple of lawn tractors, the first from a popular manufacturer with a range of machines with different cutting widths so you can but the correct one for your lawn.

The Lawnflite 703 XT-S Lawn Tractor is aimed at lawns around 6000m2, an acre and a half, and has a cutting width of 92cm.

This is a great machine for British lawns as it is an excellent collector of wet grass.

It is also easy to drive with 12 gears – six forward and six reverse – and has a 420cc MRD engine at its heart.

It also has a turning radius of just 46cm making it easy to drive in restricted spaces.

It costs £1799 compared with the recommended price of £2199 so a large saving of £400, and has a two-year warranty.

Delivery is FREE usually within two to three working days but the exact time will be arranged with you in advance.

And finally a great machine for use on really large lawns up to five acres.

The Oleo-Mac OM125-23KH Garden Tractor with Electronic Grassbag Emptying has a 125cm cutting width and is driven by a 724cc twin-cylinder Briggs & Stratton engine.


Oleo-Mac OM125 -23KH garden tractor
Clever machine: Oleo-Mac OM125-23KH Garden Tractor

You can either collect the cut grass or mulch it or for rougher areas discharge to the back and is a very comfortable lawn tractor to drive with hydrostatic transmission so speed can be adjusted very precisely.

It has a dashboard which lets you keep track of the blade speed and fuel levels.

It is priced at  £3699 compared with the recommended price of £5299 and has a five-year warranty. Delivery is also FREE.

These are just ten top bargains from our site still at Christmas and New Year prices for you to peruse.

All our petrol machines come with FREE oil.

Please give us a ring on 03454 588905 if you need any more information about these or any other equipment on our site.

We have the largest selection of garden machinery on line and are here to make sure you get the right equipment for your garden.

Easy to communicate with the company – knowledgeable and helpful staff – this is an excellent organisation with whom to do business. Thanks – highly recommended.’ J. Perrot

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