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I’ve taken Holly’s usual slot today as it would seem apposite to talk a little bit about snow. She doesn’t mind, by the way, as she’s decided to take the opportunity to do some more seasonal shopping and, to use her words, “find myself unexpectedly unable to get home in time for lunch so I can dine out at the new little Italian place on the corner with my BFF, B.” Ah the lives of the rich and idle (no offence Holly).

The cold white peril is coming down at a fast rate of knots, settling on everything, even in London where two snowflakes can cause traffic jams, airport closures and the collapse of the education system. In fact the snow has been generally fairly fierce, with flakes as cold and thick as a ‘Made In Chelsea’ celebrity.

So it is definitely a time to get out that snow blower and clear your paths, driveways, yards, car parks and walkways of all kinds. Particularly if you own a business and could be liable for slip hazards on your premises.

Toro Two stage snow blower
Blow Them Away: Toro Power Max Two Stage Snow Blower

Dick’s blog yesterday, timely and useful as ever, illustrated two different types of Snow clearing machine, a large scale, self-propelled Toro Power Max Two-Stage Snow-Blower, a pro-quality at the very decent price of £999 (a saving of £100 on the RRP).

This excellent two stage machine features a powerful briggs and Stratton petrol engine, forward and reverse gears and a remote controlled snow exit chute and will start in temperatures down as low as -2‎0°.

Dick, thorough as usual, also discussed the smaller domestic Stiga Snow Electric 31 Snow Blower a sort of powered snow shovel.

Stiga Snow Electric Snow Blower
Powered Shovel : Stiga Snow Electric Snow Blower

It is electric mains powered and therefore very quiet, emission free and low maintenance. This blower, or thrower, is ideal for clearing household paths and driveways and absolute steal at £99 instead of the usual £189 price-tag.

As it happens, we have a very wide range of snow clearing machines that cover these two extremes and more, including one that sits in the middle.

The single stage Oleo-Mac Artik 52 Single-Stage Petrol Snow Blower is a petrol powered one stage machine designed for larger and more heavy-duty domestic use.

Powerful but easy to use and well-priced. Oleo-Mac Artic 52.

It costs £349.00, another £100 saving on the RRP and includes FREE delivery and FREE oil.

So. Single stage? Dual Stage? What does it all mean? Well iIt’s very easy to find out.

In order to help you choose the right machine for your task, I would like to offer a snow covered pathway to some helpful guides to buying a snow blower.

We have compiled a store of information on garden machinery, lawn and garden maintenance and much, much more including guides, tips and advice on everything from planting a young tree to laying a turf lawn to buying the right mower.

And, of course we have a number articles on snow blowers and you can read them here…

The articles include  a glossary of terms and phrases that describe various parts and features, including the difference between single stage and dual stage machines, to the basics of how a snow blower works and some features you might expect to find on a good snow blower.

There’s also a handy basic ‘Dos and Don’ts’ guide to snow clearance. 

Or you can just browse around the whole knowledge base. You never know what you might pick up.

And if you just want to see our range of snow clearing equipment, have a look here. We have some great deals and some seriously good snow blowing machines, snow shovels, snow ploughs, snow and ice treatments and salt and grit spreaders at unbeatable prices.

And if you need more free, impartial advice just give us a call on 0345 4588 905 and one of our knowledgable friendly product advisors will be happy to help.

MowDirect are superb at their job, highly professional and very helpful indeed. Highly recommended machine and suppliers..…. many thanks!” D. BLEASE

And watch out for that ice, it’s slippy out there.   Enjoy your snowy garden.     Drew Hardy.


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