Powerful machine to keep businesses and authorities working through the snow

The snow has arrived with a vengeance blocking roads and making paths dangerous.

But for businesses which need to keep working it is even more difficult especially as more snow is forecast in the busy period leading to Christmas which many companies depend on to keep in the black.

If you are responsible for an industrial estate of retail centre, roads and car parks must be kept clear and safe and this machine is ideal.

Toro Two stage snow blower
Industrial machine: Toro Power Max Two Stage Snow Blower

The Toro Power Max Two-Stage Snow-Blower (38815) is self-propelled with six forward and two reverse gears and will clear a width of 66cm with each pass.

It can throw the snow up to 12 metres away with direction and elevation easily adjusted by Toro’s QuickStick with one simple control on the handlebar.

The power comes from a Briggs & Stratton Snow Series 250cc engine designed for use in extremes of temperature and will start when it is really cold, down to -20.

With the six forward and two reverse gears it is very manoeuvrable and can handle awkward corners allowing you to lock the wheels together for better grip when needed.

Special 405mm pneumatic tyres are another feature, enabling you to handle the most difficult conditions.

The price is £999, a large £100 saving on the recommended price and we deliver it for FREE within five to seven days with a three-year warranty.

Power spade: Stiga snow electric 31 snow-blower

But if you’re looking for something to clear paths around the house this machine will do the trick, the Stiga Snow Electric 31 Snow Blower.

Light and easy to use it plugs into the mains socket and works like an electric shovel, throwing the snow up to five metres away, and with a clearance width of 31cm.

It skids along the snow – there are no wheels – and can hang in the conservatory when not in use.

It costs £99, has a one year warranty and we deliver it the next working day for FREE.

Have a look at these pages for a comprehensive selection of snow blowers and snow ploughs for domestic and industrial use, and give us a ring if you need any more information about these or any other pieces of garden machinery.

We’re on 03454 588905.



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