Eco-friendly ice melt to keep paths safe, and it won’t harm plants or pets

Winter has blown in with a vengeance with snows arriving and forecast to hang around all week.

Icy roads and paths are a menace but there are effective ways to keep them safe which don’t involve traditional rock salt or, for your paths at home, emptying the bag of cooking salt.

LNT Magic Ice Melt Original is the same product as is used worldwide in airports.

LNT magic ice melt
Safe paths: LNT Magic Ice Melt

A 10kg bag costing £25 will cover 2000m2, up to ten times the coverage of traditional rock salt and won’t damage concrete or metal.

It is also safe to use around plants and won’t hurt pets.

And it’s safe to use on Astroturf, and won’t stain carpets or scratch floors if some sticks to the bottom of your shoes.

So it can be used in public areas at schools, all-weather pitches and playgrounds.

A 10kg bag costs £25 and is delivered FREE OF CHARGE the next working day. More bags can be bought at reduced prices.

If you have a larger area to clear, it is available in a tub containing 18.75kg, enough to clear 2000m2, for £39.95.

One customer summarised it like this. “I stopped using salt and grit on my tarmac driveway, door steps and concreted areas a few years back. It corroded the surface and left messy slush to be brought into the house on the soles of shoes and boots. Since then I have used Magic Ice Melt on these areas. It doesn’t corrode and it leaves a cleaner, clearer area. It is also a very effective.”

For larger areas like schools and colleges, shopping centres and industrial estates we have put together two complete packages.

Spread, shovel and melt the snow away!

The first consists of 10 bags of the LNT Ice Melt and a Walk Behind Spreader from Agri-Fab.

This machine has a spreading width of three metres so you can cover large areas quickly.

The hopper holds 38.5kg and is mounted on a steel frame with pneumatic tyres so it can handle uneven ground and with wide profile tyres can take slippery conditions.

This spreader can also be used for fertilizer and weed killer when the weather improves as well as lawn feed.

The complete package including two large Canadian snow shovels costs £299, a saving of £70. You can buy more snow melt and additional spreaders at reduced prices when order this package.

Delivery is free and within two to three working days.

And for professionals working on maintaining large estates and extensive local authority premises and playing fields and large industrial estates we have put together a package comprising an Agri-Fab Walk Behind Spreader, 10 10kg tubs of LNT Magic Ice Melt and two large Canadian Snow Shovels for just £549.

This is a saving of £260 on the recommended price if you purchased all the items separately.

Additional tubs of Ice Melt, additional spreaders and more shovels can be bought at special prices if order at the same time. Again delivery is free within two to three working days.

Give us a ring on 03454 588905 if you have any questions about these items or anything else you see on our site.

And see these pages for our complete range of snow clearance equipment, 



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