Black Friday. Blue Monday. Pink Wednesday? What Is It All About?

Hi there.

We all know Black Friday is now a major part of the shopping based lead up to Christmas, with great deals flying around like benevolent pigeons in Trafalgar Square.

But where does the whole thing come from?

There is evidence to suggest that it started in Philadelphia, where it described the heavy traffic flow and disruption on the day after thanksgiving. Somewhere along the line, it then, apparently came to represent the busiest shopping day before Christmas in terms of companies being ‘in the black’ instead of ‘in the red’, i.e. in profit not in debt.

Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that Black Friday is now a very big deal indeed, literally. As it happens, here at MowDirect we are offering some amazing Black Friday deals to ease the wallet before Christmas. Definitely worth checking out.

But Black Friday isn’t the only day with a colour to have it’s own special place in the calendar. So here, just for your information and amusement (hmm) here is my list of other coloured days.

  1. Red Saturday. Another commerce based day of celebration, apparently red Saturday is the last Saturday before valentine’s Day, when spending starts and thoughtful lovers are thinking of puppies, hearts, flowers, chocolates and romantic boat trips up the Thames. Most men, in my experience, don’t think about it until it’s too late, and I call Valentines Day  “Don’t talk To Me I Never Want to See You Again and How Dare You Try to Palm Me Off With  Something From The Corner Shop or the Service Station” Day. Ah me.
  2. Beige Sunday I can’t find anything I really like for Sunday – so let’s call it a day of rest! Sunday is a bit beige in my flat anyway, what with the wooly head feeling from the night before and the constant cups of tea and digestives, and the very beige cosy murder based TV I have to watch to keep myself sane as Sunday evening comes around and I face the awful, clawing, sickening prospect of….
  3. Blue Monday. It’s actually a day in January. the third Monday in the month, which is allegedly the most depressing day of the year. However, o it could describe pretty much any Monday to me. Obviously we all feel abut gloomy on a Monday, back to work, the weekend is over etc. But none of us are anywhere near as gloomy as the excellent but deeply dark and brooding track from New Order that carries the same name and changed many music fans’ lives for ever. I know someone who played it so often he had a fight with his college roommate who threatened to do for him if he played it again. Oooer.
  4. Black Tuesday.  This was part of the Wall Street stock market collapse in 1929 and was a bleak day in October when the worst losses on any one day were incurred and 14 billion dollars was lost. Careless I call it. However, there isn’t much to be amused at so this section is short and sweet.
  5. Pink Wednesday. Believe it or not, for ardent fans of ‘Mean Girls’, the “totally rad” American teen movie from 2004, Pink Wednesday is a must. Basically the Mean Girls story is as simple and sharp as its protagonists. A bunch of truly horrible bitchy teenage girls from Illinois, are faced up to by an outsider.  The mean girls have a rule that on Wednesdays they have to wear pink, hence this Pink Wednesday ritual and the small but ‘totally fetch , y’know’ group who follow it. ”Fetch’, by the way means cool if you are a teenager in that film. Got it? Whatever girlfriend! If you like Legally Blond you will love it! Nuff.
  6. Green Thursday. Known in other countries as maundy Thursday (not monday thursday as we used to say in school) Green Thursday how some peoples of thw world, including the of Moravians and Czechs, refer to Maundy Thursday, a big day in the christian calendar.  Maundy Thursday celebrates the day that jesus sat down to take his Last  Supper with the apostles. The green, though, has nothing to do with the amount of kale, micro and seaweed the apostles ate, as this supper didn’t take place in a pop-up restaurant in Hoxton, but to the fact that a very long time ago (circa C13th) priests would wear green vestments for mass. Dull.

And that is it. My pocket sized coloured day parade. Do pay our Black Friday sale a visit, we have all sorts of great deals and goodies. 

So that’s it for me today.   Have a good Black Friday.   See ya.  Holly.

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