If Snow Is On The Way Be Prepared – Even A Light Fall Can Cause Chaos

My gardening guru, and taste appreciating beer buddy Mr Dick Roberts, in his simple and effective style, informed us yesterday in his Monday blog that snow may well be on the way and, in true friendly and helpful style suggested you take a look at one of our hottest bargains, designed to break the ice and clear away the white peril.  The Oleo-Mac Artik 52 Single-Stage Petrol Snow Blower. 

As Dick points out, we have this little beats on offer in our super saving Black Friday event at a pretty impressive price of £299 (saving £200).

Now I do not want to be alarmist in any way, shape or form, and I can’t see any snow out there right now, but in the interests of reminding you all what can happen when the cold stuff hits the roads, paths and yards of the nation, and then reminding you what you can do about it, here is a quick guide to a few snow solutions, to break us in gently to the coming winter proper.

I could almost do the whole job in two words, much beloved of boy scouts everywhere…

The writing’s on the….you know

Yup. Dib, dib, dib, dob, dob,,,er…dob and all that.

The Mail online has definitely warned of snow, though, as they say, it is only expected to be a morcel of a smattering for the moment. However, they also point out that another cold snap could kick in next week with more severe weather.

And as the Daily Telegraph online pointed out as recently as last Thursday, a very light dusting of the white freezy stuff can still cause major chaos on our roads. So, if you’re out and about in your car here are a few tips… it may not snow tomorrow, or the day after, but if you are ready in advance, you’ll always be on top of it.

  1. Make sure you have a good shovel, or even a mini-shovel in your boot

    Push it real good! Garant Snow Pusher GREAT VALUE a
  2. Make sure your windscreen de-icer is topped up
  3. Do keep an ice-scraper in your glove compartment
  4. Dress warmly. This is no time for tee shirts and shorts, even if you are a postman
  5. Make sure you have some spare warm clothes or blankets in your car just in case
  6. Keep some Wellngton boots or snow boots in your car
  7. Keep your mobile ‘phone well charged just in case
Stiga Electric 31 Snow Blower – Faster and easier than a shovel

And don’t forget, a light fall of snow can affect your homestead too. Even a small amount of snow or  ice is still slippy so make sure you clear your paths and if you have a business you have a duty of care to clean your public access areas.

If you visit our snow clearance are, you’ll find all sorts of equipment and product that can help you get prepared for bad weather. As well as simple snow shovels like the great value Garant Large Canadian Snow Pusher, a cold snap snip at only £199.99, MowDirect stocks a good selection of quality snow blowers including the simple but effective Stiga Snow Electric 31 a kind of electric snow shovel that costs a very reasonable £99

Clear your paths with ease. Oleo-Mac Artic 52.

There is also, of course, the afore-mentioned  Oleo-Mac Aktic 52 Snow Blower at the blow-me-down price of £299.

This is is a great deal and the Artik 52 is a robust and reliable machine with a clearing width of 52cm (20 inch), pneumatic  super-gripping tyres, a powerful 163cc Emak engine, steel auger and will throw snow up to 8 metres away.

There is also a good supply of snow and ice treatments, salt and sand spreaders and snow ploughs.

So, when it comes to paths, patios, decking, walkways and car parks, you can keep it clear and keep it safe with ease and at a decent price.

if you have any questions or need some advice, do give us a call on 0345 4588 905 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri & 10am-4pm Sat) Our friendly and knowledgable product advisors are always ready to help you…

first class product, advice & customer service… I would not hesitate recommending this machine or MowDirect to anyone who loves gardening as much as I do.” PC FERRARI

And, while you can, and before the snow does come. Enjoy your garden.    Drew Hardy


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