How Many More Shopping Days? Cripes! Here’s My Early Bird Top Three Present Ideas Under £200

Anyone who is a looking out of the window at the moment could be forgiven for thinking this is the most golden autumn of all time. I see leaves still hanging around on the pavement (though not on my newly cleared patio and lawn thanks to Brody and his AMAZING, powerful, lightweight and reasonably priced Redback E435CQ-2Ah Cordless Leaf-Blower ) 

But it’s not just the leaves. The sun is shining, warming my skin (well, sort of) and proving that it hasn’t packed and shot off on it’s annual hols to Barbados or somewhere just yet and the light, for the length of time it is with us each day,  is quite lovely.

So now we’ve had Halloween, with its terrorising trick or treat tots eating too many sweets and frightening the old people, we’ve rocketed nimbly and painlessly past Guy Fawkes night while being reminded by the BBC and Kit Harrington that poor old Guy was just a stooge, the Rodney Trotter to Catesby’s Del Boy, and what now? Oh yes. It may still be November remember, but we are on a fast-track, climbing blindly aboard that gooey, glitzy glitter infested roller-coaster towards the big C day! Oh gosh. And so soon? Tell that to the shops who started to put out their crackers and decorations at the end of August (I kid you not!)

Still. It’s only 42 sleeps and not so many shopping days to the biggest festival in the the British calendar (unless you’re a Druid… or , well lots of people) at least in the shopping calendar, and how are we doing? I know I haven’t done a blessed thing and, to be honest, I probably won’t be doing anything major until after the weekend, when my desperate search for baubles, bangles and beads begins.

But, in the interests of our customers, before we all get totally fed up of john Lewis’ latest tear jerking cutesy promo, lets have a look at my unofficial  TOP Christmas present tips! personally sanctioned by Brody, my professional gardening friend.

1. The Afore mentioned really rather marvellous Redback E435CQ-2Ah Cordless Leaf-Blower.  Comes with battery, power belt, fast charge and all the hot air you can blow (We call ours Donald). It’s light, easy to use, powerful and very definitely orange, which is a great colour, similar to a Lamborghini and, of course, the colour of tangerines, the flavour of Matchmakers nobody likes and many other things appertaining to the special day itself. At a crazy £199 for all that AND NEXT DAY DELIVERY, you can save £157 and spend it on chocolate. This chap was impressed…”Brilliant…Very Well Made and Good Value. The overall performance of this machine is stunning.”


The MowMaster 43PD – “Masterly Mow from Mowmaster…happy days” as happy customer, Gerard puts it

2. or what about the splendid, stylish, robust and rugged MowMaster 43PD 3-in-1 Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower. just look at it, sleek, rugged, shiny and black…If the batmobile were a rotary lawnmower this is it.

It’s an amazing bargain also at £199  which is a snowball meltingly hot deal when you see what it offers…sleek looks, a solid steel deck, three in one capability, a 43cm cutting width, a grass full indicator, a wash-port for easy cleaning, single lever height adjustment… why Santa, you really shouldn’t have!

“This is a First Class Product…It is efficient, easy to assemble, easy to use and starts first time. I would recommend this machine to anyone. An excellent buy” GRAHAM

3. When it comes to real bounty, and I’m not talking coconuts, just look at what you get with the next gift. It’s the ever popular Einhell GH-BC Petrol Brushcutter + Free Kit.

The brushcutter itself is great value and an excellent product, which is word for word what many customers have said. This


Superstar of wonder – the Einhell GH-BC Brushcutter. FREE Accessories

one said more…”Awesome.You should have seen the grin on my husbands face. He loves this new toy. ” says KIRSTY. But the thing is this bundle is like the whole of the special winter holidays in a single package. I mean you get the brushcutter, helmet, protective gloves, harness AND FREE oil, AND FREE delivery all for , go on guess, yes…£139 down from the RRP of £199. So that’s £60 to spend on Aunty Agnes. It’s one of our superstars and that’s no mean feat!

4. And here’s a stocking filler… well, for someone with fairly big legs I admit. The 5 Litre Green Steel Jerry Can is an iconic piece of design which is also very practical as you can store petrol in it. No. Really?

God rest Ye Jerry Petrol Can – £21.95!

Every lawnmower owner should have one for, as you know, petrol will go ‘off’ if left in a petrol tank for too long so it’s best to store it elsewhere and if it does go, it can’t harm your mower. This one costs £21.95 (free next day delivery of course) and is made out of  leak-proof, 0.9mm thick pickled sheet-steel, lined with a petrol-resistant anti-corrosion coating. It has a wide opening for easy, spill-free  pouring and a patented locking-pin cap to guard against accidental opening. “Excellent” BONNIE

5. And last but certainly not least, what about this dinky but chunky Cobra GCT200P Tipping Hand-Cart an absolute seasonal snip at £67.99 down from £72,99. Ideal for helping carry around all your presents or maybe coming back from the off-license in a couple of weeks time, it will take a load of up to 200kg, has a handy and comfortable handle, pneumatic tyres, with wheels mounted on ball-bearings,  for a smooth and steady ride and a useful and practical tipping system.

So that’s it. My early-bird present list. Extraordinarily practical of me but I know what it’s like when your ideas run out.

Oh and I know I haven’t actually used the C actual word actually. I don’t do that until after my birthday, and it’s this week!

Hooray!   See ya.   Holly



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